Fireball finally busts out the bodacious BATMISSIBLE Sketch

Been meaning to get to this car for a long time… From BATMAN RETURNS, The BATMISSILE resulted when the original ’89 Batmobile literally blew it’s doors off. (Technically, it didn’t have doors, but ENTIRE SIDES!) But I found it funny that Batman built the Batmissile just to go down tight alleys… once. That’s a lot of work for a chase? But it looks amazing ON MUGS & SHIRTS!!


DID YOU KNOW?? The Batmissile was an emergency function of the original Batmobile. Once engaged, the car would shed pieces of the outer body and change shape, basically leaving the turbine engine with the 4 wheels pulled inline to fit its new form. Its only known use was during the Cobblepot mayoral campaign.

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