Fireball SKETCHES Cruise Bruiser for DIECAST BREAKDOWN…

If you haven’t listened to the Podcast Show DIECAST BREAKDOWN, then get on it! Great trio of Hardcore Diecast Enthusiasts and as I was on the show recently, decided to bust out some SKETCHES for them as a “thank you.” First one goes out to Host Chuck Ellis, the car being picked by the audience was the Hot Wheels CRUISE BRUISER… but with some Fireball Love, yo!

Came out great on the MUG, so snag one and know that 10% goes to Dog Rescues! **Super Cool CARS, SPACESHIPS, ROBOTS and more coming this week also! Plus, check out our EXPANDING POP CULTURE Section with “Bewitched,” “I Dream of Jeanie” and Bugs Bunny!

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