Fireball’s Garage gets ATTACKED by the creepy CRAWLING EYE!!

Yea sure, this is a Garage fulla cool CARS… but every now and then we get a unique visitor.

For today, Fireball’s busted out some Classic Horror simply because it was one of Kathie’s favorite and MOST SCARY movies as a kid! Did you see it?? THE CRAWLING EYE featured… well, a huge eyeball that was crawling around THE ALPS and killing Scientists!! It was creepy, gooey and is now ON A MUG, BABY!!

Get this HOT FIREBALL PIECE in the Garage and know that more CREEPY CRAWLIES , ROBOTS, MONSTERS, SPACESHIPS and more are joining the Fireball REVOLUTION! And wait until you see what’s coming tomorrow…. A 70’s Feature Film with a ridiculously huuuuuge CAR. Or is it??

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