Fireball SKETCHES Zeltango’s LOST Luxurious KILLERADO!!

So great to partner up with ZELTANGO on IG for a new series of incredible cars. Hopefully over the next few months, we’ll show you some of their amazing vehicular contraptions by doing super cool Fireball SKETCHES. This one… the 1960 KILLERADO.

DID YOU KNOW?? According to unnamed sources, the KILLERADO was a Concept Car built by a Secret Wealthy 60’s Billionaire for his wife, Swedish Star Greta Von Flurber… her favorite color being MAUVE. It was so hush-hush that the rumors of its capabilities surpassed anything coming out of Detroit, or even now including Time-Slip AstroWarp! Cadillac got wind of it, and it influenced their design language for the next decade!

And whatever happened to the Killerado?? It disappeared for over 60 years and just might be sitting in a secret corner of the Fireball Tim Garage!! But we’re not sayin!’

Get this amazing car on a super cool MUG or CANVAS PRINT now and Fireball will shoot 10% to Dog Rescues!! What’s next from ZELTANGO?? Check out their IG and LEAVE A COMMENT as to what Fireball should SKETCH next! Woooosh!!




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