Thank God the rain didn’t come for this morning’s COUNTY LINE CARS & COFFEE. But before we get to that, check out the HUMMER I did for the film “SON OF THE MASK.” This was early on in the concept phase when budget wasn’t an issue. The Director wanted Jamie Kennedy to drive this HUMMER at first… and it had to be hopped up on COKE. (Not the drink, folks.)

But as time went on, the MASK MUSCLE CAR appeared and won the studio over.

SECOND UP is a 1973 Porsche 911RS I did for SPIKE FERESTEN. There’s a color version of this too here, but what color would YOU have made it? You can get this one on a CANVAS PRINT now, so snag ‘er up!

LASTLY, Best in Show shots from today’s County Line Cars & Coffee… with TWO CYBERBEASTS pulling in. Love it or hate it, it’s BIG and would work well for a Movie Car. It’s n the Garage here, but would look good in an actual COLOR too. But what color??

DID YOU KNOW?? There is not even a single curve in the Cybertruck’s design. This one… you REALLY CAN cook an egg on!

hummer custom car art

1973 porsche 911rs custom car art

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