BONUS SKETCH!! Fireball whipsnaps a stunning FERRARI FXX…

Sure it’s Sunday, but that doesn’t mean a day off in the Fireball Studio! It means bustin’ out COOLNESS like this fabulous Frank Stephenson designed FERRARI FXX along the Amalfi Coast so you can imagine yourself scootin’ the backwoods of Italy… in search of a fine WINE, smooth CHEESE and some tasty OLIVES! Go to it!

PLUS, Bass Guitarist LONNY PAUL JOHNSON‘S Hot Rod at Supercar Sunday, Fireball scrubbin’ the Pooch (Yea, that sounds weird) and the all-new BUICK GNX PUZZLE! Now in the Garage! Git it!!

Ferrari FXX Art Lonny Paul Johnson Hot Rod Fireball Tim Scrubbin the Pooch Buick Grand National Puzzle

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