BONUS SKETCH!! Chevelle Wagon, Two Events and SpaceX Launch!

Yea, you have to be careful taking your COOL CAR to Beach… as you KNOW that UFOs are lurking in the Clouds and they love the 1970 CHEVELLE WAGON! (Yea, that’s Malibu, baby…) PLUS, this weekend will be GOIN’ OFF at the Murphy with WONDERCON Model Car Expo and VDUB BUGS! Join us and git yer Car Show thing on!

Lastly, check out Fireball’s shot of last night’s SPACE X LAUNCH… right over the Museum! (Yes, he’ll be doing a ROCKET LAUNCH SKETCH to match soon!)

1970 Chevy Chevelle Wagon Concept Art Wondercon Model Car ExpoVDub Bugs at the Murphy  Soldier Con TSHirts

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