BONUS SKETCH!! Gasser, New Car Show & Comicon Interview!

If you didn’t watch this morning’s ART TALK LIVE with Fireball, he announced his NEW CAR SHOW which starts September 1st at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum! WHEELS AND WAVES IS BACK, BABY!! And to celebrate… how about a PLYMOUTH GASSER SKETCH!! Plus, Fireball meets up with Actor JOE MANTENGA to talk cars in secret… so, shhhh…

Also, “Fireball joins BRENDAN ALLEN of COMICON in the virtual panel room for a wide-ranging chat about his life and career. He also discusses training with Chuck Norris, designing the Batman ’89 Batmobile, and more. Fireball explains the importance of consistent design language in film, comics, and brand identity. (Need help with that? Reach out to him…) They also discuss SoldierCon, SEMA, and an upcoming collaboration with Projekt Cars’ Carlos Molina, the Dark Dragon.”

Plymouth Gasser Sketch by Fireball Tim New Car Show Fireball and Actor Joe Mantenga 1967 Plymouth Police Car Concept Art by Fireball Tim

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