Petersen Museum Cars of 1930-1940 – FMV271

FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 271! Fireball heads to The Petersen Museum again for the incredible cars of 1930 to 1940. Rolls Royce, Delahaye, Bugatti and more. SHARE Today’s Vlog!


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Automobile Driving Museum 1930-1940 Cars Edition – FMV267

FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 267! Fireball heads to The Automobile Driving Museum to meet Tom Fehn, Director of Preservation. This time, 1930-40 Cars. SHARE Today’s Vlog!

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Automobile Driving Museum 1920-1930 Cars Edition – FMV255

Fireball grabs buddies John Grafman & Ken Vela and heads to The Automobile Driving Museum for cars from 1920-1930. Then drives in a ’32 Packard. SHARE Today’s Vlog!

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Watch FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 55! Croozin’ a 1930 Chevy…

This episode… Fireball and Kathie meet up with Malibu’s Ron Merriman and take a spin in a ’30 Chevy. Then, off to lunch in Hollywood.

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Nancy Lawrence 1930-2008


I talk a lot about life. And I’ve been inspired by many things. But nothing, I mean nothing has inspired me more than the lady you see before you. For 78 years, this woman, my mother, my father’s wife, took every day as a gift and spent her life returned it to others. A thing of beauty, a moment of love, a lifetime of passion.


My mother passed away this weekend, near Mother’s Day. A time when people celebrate their Moms. And that statement will forever be stamped in the corners of my mind. She didn’t want to be mourned. She didn’t want people to know how she died. What she wanted, was for people to know how she lived. And if there was ever a woman that lived every day as if it were her last, then she was this woman.


An extraordinary Mother, writer, martial artist and thinker. A person we all aspire to be, and can only hope to. She raisied 5 kids after having 5 miscarriages, overcoming addictions by becoming addicted to love. Wrote when age became an enemy. All things that few of us have gone through, but we can all understand.


She lost a son to AIDS, watched all her friends leave the earth before her, but this woman charged ahead as if propelled by the entire force of humanity. There was nothing that could get her down. Not even breaking her hips 4 times.

To be grateful that someone like this was in your life would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions. Considering all the millions of ways that life can, and does, affect us all negatively, to overcome and succeed is to test life for all that it has to offer.


As she began to fade in the last few years, the one thing that never did was her positive nature. No matter the situation, there was ALWAYS a bright side. Her greatest gift to me and to all that met her. A giant force of love and wisdom.
If there is ONLY one thing that you can take away from this post, please let it be… that no matter what your difficulty, not matter how hard life gets when you lose something you love… if that person were here to guide you, they would say “Get off your ass. Embrace the gift of life, and share it amongst each other. Don’t waste another day not doing what you love.”

It was only yesterday that she took me out Trick o’ Treating.


I love you, Mom. Thank you so much for having me…


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BONUS SKETCHES! Bat Forever, Saab Tank and Father’s Day

All-New BATMAN FOREVER Canvas Prints and Shirts are BUSTIN’ LOOSE from the Garage! This is a hot one for Batman Fans across the board, but which BAT was your favorite?? PLUS, how about an insane SAAB with a TANK MOTOR Fireball SKETCH?! Noice!

More shots coming from the Father’s Day show in CHANNEL ISLANDS last Sunday, but for now, It’s Johnny Martinez’s 1929 FORD Mulit-Show Winner! (Yes, I’ve SKETCHED that fer sure…) Tomorrow is HUMP DAY, so let’s get ta Humpin’!!

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Batman Forever Batmobile Concept Art by Fireball Tim Batman Forever Batmobile Concept Art by Fireball Tim Saab Concept Art by Fireball Tim Johnny Martinez 1929 Ford 1930 Ford Concept Art by Fireball Tim

Fireball’s #2 1935 FORD PICKUP Concept Art Continues Series

Few vehicles evoke the sense of nostalgia and rugged charm quite like the 1935 FORD PICKUP TRUCK. With its iconic design and timeless appeal, this classic has not only captured the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts but has also become an object of admiration for celebrities, musicians, and artists alike. Today, Fireball launches #2 in the Canvas Series… AVAILABLE NOW!

Originally introduced during the heart of the Great Depression, the 1935 Ford Pickup Truck was a symbol of American resilience and ingenuity. Its sturdy construction and dependable performance made it a favorite among farmers, tradesmen, and everyday folks looking for a reliable workhorse. But it was the truck’s unmistakable style that truly set it apart.

Featuring sleek lines, bold curves, and chrome accents, the 1935 Ford exuded an aura of strength and sophistication. Its distinctive grille and rounded fenders became instantly recognizable, earning it a place in the pantheon of automotive icons. Over the years, this timeless design has inspired countless artists and designers, influencing everything from fashion to furniture.

But perhaps the most enduring testament to the 1935 Ford Pickup Truck’s enduring appeal lies in its popularity among celebrities and musicians. From Hollywood legends to rock stars, a diverse array of personalities have been drawn to the truck’s unique blend of nostalgia and functionality. Whether cruising down Sunset Boulevard or hauling gear to a gig, the 1935 Ford Pickup Truck has been a symbol of style and substance for generations.

In the world of entertainment, the truck has made frequent appearances in period-correct films, lending an air of authenticity to cinematic portrayals of bygone eras. Its timeless design language serves as a visual shorthand for an idyllic past, evoking feelings of nostalgia and sentimentality. Meanwhile, custom truck enthusiasts have embraced the 1935 Ford Pickup Truck as a canvas for their creativity, transforming it into works of art that pay homage to its storied history.

The 1935 Ford Pickup Truck stands as a testament to the enduring power of great design. Its timeless aesthetic and legendary performance have earned it a place in the hearts of enthusiasts and admirers around the world. Whether gracing the silver screen or cruising down the open road, this classic truck continues to inspire and captivate all who encounter it.

Check out Fireball’s BEST OF SHOW Episode below!

1935 Ford Pickup Truck Concept Art by Fireball Tim

1930 Ford Pickup Truck Concept Art by Fireball Tim

Fireball launches first FORD PICKUP TRUCK Concept Art SERIES

In the annals of automotive history, few vehicles stand as prominently as the 1930 FORD PICKUP TRUCK. This rugged yet stylish machine has etched its name in the annals of American culture, embodying the spirit of resilience and innovation during the tumultuous era of the Great Depression. And now, Fireball has this NUMBER ONE Print available in the Garage and will be cycling through the years.

Functionality was at the forefront of the 1930 Ford pickup’s design. With its sturdy steel frame and reliable engine, it was built to endure the harshest conditions of both urban streets and rural landscapes. Its utilitarian bed provided ample space for hauling goods, making it an indispensable tool for farmers, tradesmen, and small business owners alike. Its affordability also made it accessible to a wide range of consumers, further solidifying its place in the hearts of the American working class.

But it wasn’t just its functionality that made the 1930 Ford pickup a cultural icon—it was also its timeless aesthetic. With its distinctive grille, rounded fenders, and iconic Ford logo emblazoned on the front, the truck exuded a sense of rugged charm that captured the imagination of the masses. Its classic design has stood the test of time, inspiring generations of automotive enthusiasts and collectors.

Beyond its practicality and aesthetic appeal, the 1930 Ford pickup truck has also left an indelible mark on popular culture, particularly in the realms of film and art. Its rugged allure has made it a favorite among filmmakers looking to evoke a sense of nostalgia or Americana. From classic westerns to contemporary dramas, the 1930 Ford pickup has played a supporting role in countless cinematic masterpieces.

Artists have also been drawn to the timeless beauty of the vintage truck. Its simple yet elegant lines have served as inspiration for painters seeking to capture the essence of a bygone era. And Fireball’s piece is reminiscent of an iconic Peter Max Pallette. Whether depicted against a backdrop of rolling hills or parked outside a quaint country diner, the 1930 Ford pickup has become a symbol of a simpler time—a reminder of the resilience and ingenuity of the American spirit.

In the annals of automotive history, the 1930 Ford pickup truck stands as a testament to the enduring power of innovation, design, and cultural significance. Its functionality, aesthetic appeal, and ubiquitous presence in popular culture have cemented its status as one of the most iconic vintage trucks of all time. And as artists continue to immortalize its timeless beauty on canvas, it will remain a cherished symbol of a bygone era for generations to come.

1930 Ford Pickup Truck Concept Art by Fireball Tim

BONUS SKETCH!! ’77 Vette, ’38 Ford and a Marvel Superhero!

Socal is the hotbed for COOL CARS and today’s BONUS SKETCH Concept Art is a 1977 CORVETTE right outta the Official MIKE ZARNOCK Coloring Book! You know Mike… he’s the World’s Authority on all things Hot Wheels, so check him out if you’re a Collector!

Plus, spotted this ’38 Ford Pickup with a really cool Custom Bed! Not a bad idea for sure, and makes me think how to expand on it. Also ran into Marvel’s CLARK GREGG! He’s famous as Agent Coulson in a ton of Marvel films including THOR and AGENTS of S.H.I.E.L.D. which I did some cars for a while back. Super cool guy and we had a fun talk!

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend? THIS WEEK… coolness begins with some VINTAGE CLASSIC tomorrow! Stay tuned for a ride INTO THE GARAGE!

1977 Corvette Concept Art 1930 Ford Truck Concept Art Actor Clark Gregg and Fireball Tim Rockford Files Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Concept Art Mug


Most people love Italian Cars… maybe not mechanically, but the association to all things beautiful can’t be overstated. Pasta, Amalfi Coast, Olive Oil, Beautiful Woman and MASERATI! So today’s SKETCH drops beauty on a MUG and PRINTS in the Garage to join our other Italian Cars to remind you that although sometimes things can get tough… all you need to do is stop and look at something beautiful to be reminded that that world’s got your back. And it does…

DID YOU KNOW?? Maserati was started by Alfieri Maserati and three of his brothers… Bindo, Ettore, and Ernesto. Before it made cars, it was best known for spark plugs! In the 1930s, Maserati not only made progress in the automobile industry but also in marine transport. Its engine was used in powerboats as well.