BONUS SKETCHES!! Badass Batmobile, Barbie and Classic Caddy!

Most people think that BATMAN is the superhero… but if you love CARS, it’s aaaaallll about THE BATMOBILE! And now it’s confirmed. “I’M BATMOBILE” Tees are in and THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE! (Wait, I think that’s from XFiles, but whatever…)

PLUS, Barbie’s CADILLAC from SKETCH to COLOR! What else should she be driving?? Take a Peek…

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Batmobile Concept Art by Fireball Tim Barbie Cadillac Concept Art by Fireball Tim Barbie Cadillac Concept Art by Fireball Tim Fireball Tim Classic Cadillac Adam 12 Tee Shirts Heather Edwards Mugs

Fireball reveals the Concept Art EVOLUTION of the BATMOBILE

From the iconic 1966 BATMAN television series to the upcoming THE BATMAN sequel movie featuring Robert Pattinson, the Batmobile has undergone a remarkable evolution, becoming an emblem of the Caped Crusader’s ever-evolving persona. Designed by George Barris for the Adam West-starring series, the original Batmobile was a sleek, futuristic creation that captured the imaginations of audiences worldwide. It set the stage for a legacy of innovation and creativity in the design of Batman’s iconic vehicle.

Barris’ Batmobile was based on the 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car, which he transformed into a crime-fighting machine with its distinctive fins, bat-themed features, and cutting-edge gadgets. This version became an instant classic, making appearances in various iterations of the Batman franchise over the years.

Throughout the subsequent Batman films and television adaptations, the cars continued to evolve, reflecting changes in technology, aesthetics, and the tone of the stories. Tim Burton’s vision in the late 1980s brought a darker, more gothic aesthetic to the Batmobile, with Fireball concepting a sleek, armored vehicle for Michael Keaton’s Batman. Multiple versions of the car were constructed for each film, showcasing different functionalities and design elements.

As the franchise progressed, directors like Joel Schumacher and Christopher Nolan put their own spin on the Batmobile, each iteration bringing fresh innovations and design choices. Whether it was the neon-lit, retro-futuristic design of the Schumacher era or the military-inspired, rugged Tumbler of Nolan’s trilogy, the design continued to captivate audiences with its dynamic presence on screen.

Now, with the upcoming Batman Sequel film starring Robert Pattinson, fans eagerly anticipate the next evolution of the next car. Early glimpses suggest a return to a more grounded, gritty aesthetic, reminiscent of the character’s detective roots. Designed by production designer James Chinlund, this new Batmobile may be a departure from the high-tech version 1, militarized designs of recent years.

But what’s next for the Batmobile? With each new iteration, designers have pushed the boundaries of innovation and imagination. As technology advances and storytelling techniques evolve, the possibilities for the Batmobile are endless. Whether it’s a return to the classic elegance of the Barris design or a bold leap into uncharted territory, one thing is certain: the Batmobile will continue to be an integral part of the Batman mythos, inspiring awe and excitement for generations to come.

Check out the cool Concept Art in Fireball’s Garage NOW! What Batmobile should he do next??

batman forever concept art by fireball tim Batmissile from Batman Returns Concept Art 1966 batmobile concept art by fireball tim batgirl concept art by fireball tim the batman concept art by fireball tim hot wheels batshaker concept art by fireball tim

Time for a LADY KNIGHT to get her own Custom BATMOBILE??

The design language of Batman films and the BATMOBILE has always been a crucial aspect of bringing the Dark Knight’s world to life on the big screen. From the gritty realism of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy to the neon-soaked stylization of Joel Schumacher’s entries, each era has left its mark on the iconic franchise. And this includes the unique variations of the BATMOBILE.

One standout example of this design ethos is the Batmobile featured in BATMAN FOREVER (1995), directed by Joel Schumacher. This sleek and futuristic vehicle embodied the film’s neon-infused aesthetic, with its elongated body, glowing blue accents, and imposing presence. The Batmobile from “Batman Forever” became an instant classic, symbolizing the marriage of form and function in the world of superhero vehicles. But it may be time for a RE-INVENTION…

Beyond its cinematic significance, the design of the Batmobile from “Batman Forever” has had a profound impact on society, particularly in its portrayal of strong female characters. In the film, Dr. Chase Meridian, played by Nicole Kidman, is depicted as a capable and intelligent character who is not just a love interest but an active participant in the story. This portrayal challenged traditional gender roles and paved the way for more empowered female characters in superhero narratives.

But what would a film like LADY KNIGHT look like in a new film? And what would be her BATMOBILE of Choice? Should I SKETCH IT??

LADY KNIGHT’S Batmobile itself could be seen as a symbol of empowerment, embodying the idea that anyone, regardless of gender, can harness technology and strength to become a superhero. Its sleek design and formidable presence would inspire awe and admiration, serving as a beacon of hope in Gotham City’s darkest hours. Or anywhere for that matter…

Would LADY KNIGHT be in Miami, LA or even PARIS?

In essence, the design language of Batman films, exemplified by the iconic Batmobile from “Batman Forever,” not only shapes the visual identity of the franchise but also influences societal perceptions and empowers characters to rise above stereotypes and expectations. Check out Fireball’s latest rendition of the BATMAN FOREVER BATMOBILE, ALL THE BATS and the all-new BATGIRL Canvas Print IN THE GARAGE NOW!

DID YOU KNOW?? BATGIRL is a genius-level hacker and information broker, and an expert martial artist. Babs has… like her namesake, proven to be a fierce survivor, and one of society’s most cherished protectors. Plus… her favorite food is PIZZA!

Batgirl Batmobile Custom Car Art

Batgirl Batmobile Custom Car Art


ARKHAM BATMOBILE at WB makes me wanna full-on BATACHINNO…

Every now and then, I find myself on the back lot at the WB. For a long time, my wife worked with ELLEN’s Costume Dept and I would hit the BatCave or design some silliness for an upcoming Superhero Movie. Fun stuff.

But on this day, I spotted the actual ARKHAM BATMOBILE parked near the Commissary, Batman inside ordering an actual BATACHINNO! What exactly IS a Batachinno? Well, it’s… HOLD ON! I can’t reveal a secret like that! Whatta you, CRAZY??!! The only thing I can say is that it involves something called “KAPOW BLACKMILK.” You’ll have to figure out the rest, but as he downed the Hypershot, he moved outta the Commissary like a blur… and nearly took the doors clean off the hinges! We all stood there dumbfounded like rats in a cheese factory.

And like a kick in the ass… the Bat was gone… and the sounds of Batmobile thundered off in the distance. Maybe if you grab a MUG, the same thing might happen to YOU?



Sure, BATMAN FOREVER was a good title for the 2nd rendition for the caped Crusader in 1995. (This was the third film.) But for the BATMOBILEit wasn’t.

It made sense to the Studio that if they destroyed Batman’s vehicles, then they’d get to reinvent them for subsequent films… and toys. After all, it’s about making MONEY and we’re all suckers for cool cars. And they did make money. Lots of it….

The film was a box office success, grossing over $336 million worldwide and becoming the sixth-highest-grossing film of 1995. It was followed by Batman & Robin in 1997, with Schumacher returning as the director, Chris O’Donnell returning as Robin, and George Clooney replacing Kilmer as Batman.

Although screen-time for any BatCar isn’t a lot, the sinister blackness continues for lovers of CARS and SUPERHEROES through Hot Wheels, Model Kits and stuff. If you’re a fan of the Bat, then chances are that your home has some Caped Coolness.

We celebrate BATMAN FOREVER today with Fireball’s SKETCH of this 2nd Car. Although he DID NOT design this one as it was penned by Artist Tim Flattery, it falls into the realm of legend by being BIG, BLACK and BRUTAL. And now you can get it IN THE GARAGE!

DID YOU KNOW?? The Batman Forever Batmobile had a Chevy 350 ZZ3 high-performance motor. High compression, 345HP, aluminum heads, angled plugs and a good valve grind. The body was made from a high-temperature epoxy fiberglass laminate and all of the air was extracted though vacuum bagging.

BATMOBILE & MUNSTER KOACH unloading at the Museum…

Although this episode is a repeat from a few years back, we took delivery of the 1966 BATMOBILE & MUNSTER KOACH at our Museum for about 2 months… and boy, was it fun to play with these! Check out the MUNSTER Episode here and the BAT Episode here. IN DETAIL!

I met my friend George Barris when I was about 10 years old in 1975. My dad had him build a car for an Elvis movie he did called EASY COME, EASY GO and he was discussing another car for something around that year. But I was flabbergasted as I ran around the shop and my Dad took me back whenever I wanted to go. Uncle George was gracious, fun and we talked cars for hours. Did many things with him over the next 40+ years as I grew in the industry. Great ride.

Following the 1966 BATMOBILE is today’s BEST OF SHOW…

Met up with buddy Barry and George Barris’ grandson Jared for a jaunt to BOB’S BIG BOY in Burbank… flanked by the #2 Original Batmobile. Stands out like a POW! BANG! SPLAT! WATCH!!

BATMAN FOREVER BATMOBILE slithers into Fireball’s Garage

As I SKETCH my way through all the BATMOBILES over the years, I’m struck by how similar… and how different they are in design language. When I designed the 1989 Bat for the Tim Burton film, the description in the script of the time was LARGE & BLACK. That’s it. And so it is with all Bats.

Today’s SKETCH takes us back to the 3rd film BATMAN FOREVER and the Bat originally designed by Tim Flattery. But now with some revised Fireball Goodness for 2024. What do you guys think? Leave a Comment!

Get this super cool BATMOBILE on Mugs, Shirts, Canvas and even a BAT CLOCK! And be sure to check out all of the other BATS in the Garage! GO NOW!

DID YOU KNOW? The Batman Forever Batmobile had a Chevy 350 ZZ3 high-performance power-plant. It had high compression, 345 horsepower, aluminum heads, angled plugs, and a good valve grind. The body was made from a high-temperature epoxy fiberglass laminate. All of the air was extracted though vacuum bagging.

TOP SPEED MAGAZINE features Fireball and the Batmobile…

BIG THANKS to Writer John Grafman and TOP SPEED Magazine for this great article. Some fun history. CLICK HERE and read up on how the 1989 Batmobile was created!

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1966 BATMOBILE MERCH… for the Hardcore “I’m BATMAN”

As we start to approach the Holiday Season, people are looking for something UNIQUE. And the Fireball Store has got it for the HARDCORE BATFAN! Did you grow up watching BATMAN in 1966 or did you “ease” into it through syndication? Regardless, Fireball’s got the goods and it’s MUGS, STICKERS and ART PRINTS of the #1 Movie Car on the Planet! LET’S GO!!