BONUS SKETCH! Bosozoku Celica, Mini 220, Diecast & EMERGENCY

I get to SKETCH  a lot of cool cars like HiroK’s BOSOZOKU Celica GT you see here. The cooler the BETTER, I always say. But I’m so grateful when someone reaches out and hires me to whip-snap their ride and it results in 5 cars for SEMA and a crap load of others coming!

But each say is a GIFT and getting to SKETCH Concept Art for you guys and for Movies is the BEST! So today, along with Hiro’s ride comes the all-new MINI 220. A concept, that although didn’t get built in my shop, made it into the GARAGE for you guys who love the Coops. All my MINIS were fast and a little scary, but this one will only chill on your wall and look badass. So no worries.

Also found this VINTAGE BALL of me doin’ the Diecast thing in 1973 with some Corgi’s and Dinkys! You can’t really see it, but in the upper right corner was a massive close-up photo of HARPO MARX laughing. I woke up to the picture for YEARS! No wonder I love havin’ a good time!

And… a word of CAUTION. The latest EMERGENCY CANVAS PRINT just launched this morning may cause severe coolness in you world. So BEWARE. This is my Official Disclaimer as I don’t want your head to POP OFF when someone enters your crib and starts flippin’ the wild weenie. They may… and you’ll have to handle it.

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BONUS CONCEPT ART!! Yo Mama says BIG DOG JAY loves Diecast

Today’s BONUS CONCEPT ART landed on the cover of Fireball’s AIRCOOLED BUSES Coloring Book… and it’s YO MAMA! A full blown Custom VDub Bus that begs to be SEMA-SIZED.

PLUS, Fireball and Big Dog Jay dig the DIECAST, especially the Ford Bronco. Jay may have a massive collection of CARS, but Fireball’s Diecast Collection KILLS IT! And Yo Mama loves it too… 😉

Get out there and be a CUSTODIAN OF COOL, ppl! And be sure to friend up of Fireball on Facebook!

Yo Mama Concept Art VW Bus by Fireball Tim Aircooled Buses Coloring Book by Fireball Tim Fall Guy Stunt Mug in the Fireball Tim Garage


Good morning, folks… howzabout a High-Speed Scifi Story about CHASING DEADLY DIECAST THIEVES for Sunday? Ok, then… here we go.

In the sprawling metropolis of New Angeles, where towering skyscrapers pierce the clouds and neon lights paint the night sky, Detective Mara Reyes of the DIECAST BREAKDOWN DIVISION patrols the streets with a tenacity matched only by the gleam of her chrome-plated digital revolver. In a city where technology and crime dance a dangerous tango, Mara is the city’s last line of defense against the shadowy underworld of DIECAST CRIMES.

It is a world where the rich and powerful seek not just wealth, but status through their collections of rare HOT WHEELS—multi-million dollar marvels coveted by collectors across the galaxy. Thieves lurk in the shadows, their eyes set on these prized possessions, ready to snatch them from under the noses of their owners and vanish into the deep black void of space.

Mara had seen it all: the high-speed chases that blur through the twenty-level highways, the deadly crashes that send sparks flying into the night, and the ruthless perps who would sooner kill than be caught. But she was unyielding, fueled by a sense of justice like her father before her, as unyielding as the titanium frames of the stolen Hot Wheels.

But her latest case has led her deep into the belly of New Angeles, where whispers of a notorious syndicate selling stolen Hot Wheels off-world has reached her ears. Known as the THE CAST, with each lead, Mara delves deeper into the underbelly of the city, her determination unshakeable even as the dangers escalate.

Clad in her sleek synthespian armor and her heavily armed Diecast Breakdown Pursuit Special, Mara races against time, her senses honed to the pulse and pursuit of the city’s heartbeat. With each chase becoming more deadly, she pushed her modified high speed steed to its limits, weaving through traffic at unGodly speeds and defying gravity as she chases down her prey.

The showdown comes on the edge of the city, where the neon lights fade into darkness and the howl of the wind drown out the roar of ripping metal. In a clash of cybernetic fury, Mara faces off against the leader of the syndicate, their Hot Wheels glinting in the moonlight like stars in the night sky.

In a blur of motion, Mara leaps into action, her revolver singing its deadly tune as she shoots to reclaim what had been stolen. And as the cyberdust settles and the city holds its breath, Mara emerges victorious… or so she thinks, her resolve unbroken and her mission possibly complete. But there’s something she didn’t consider… something deadlier that her foe. A DIECAST DEMON is now on the loose… And it’s faster than anything she’s ever seen.

For in the heart of New Angeles, justice may reign supreme, but Detective Mara Reyes may need more than just a spine of steel and a fast car… But that… is another story. Visit THE GARAGE to support her cause NOW…

Chasing Deadly Diecast Thieves in a Corvette Pursuit Concept Art by Fireball Tim

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Fireball SKETCHES awesome VW BUG DIECAST Concept Art

VW Bug Hot Wheels Concept Art in the Fireball Tim Garage

Who doesn’t LOVE THE VW BUG??

The VOLKSWAGEN BUG, with its iconic round shape and endearing charm, has proven to be more than just a mode of transportation. In the world of cinema, it has emerged as a beloved character in its own right, embodying humor, resilience, and goodwill. From the whimsical adventures of Herbie the Love Bug to the exhilarating chase scene support in Bullitt, the Bug has captured hearts and inspired laughter for generations.

One of the most famous Bug personas is undoubtedly Herbie, the anthropomorphic car with a mind of its own. Introduced to audiences in 1968’s “The Love Bug,” Herbie quickly became a symbol of pluckiness and determination, using his quirks to outsmart villains and win races. With his expressive headlights and mischievous antics, Herbie showcased the Bug’s ability to bring joy and excitement to the screen.

And in the 60’s Hot Wheels created the first SWEET SIXTEEN VW BUG in multiple colors. Today… Fireball SKETCH it’s SPECTRAFLAME BLUE and it’s in the Garage on Canvas and Mugs too!

In “Bullitt,” the Volkswagen Bug takes on a different role, providing a lighthearted contrast to the intense action surrounding Steve McQueen‘s iconic Mustang. As the unsuspecting target of McQueen’s pursuit, the Bug adds a touch of humor to the adrenaline-fueled chase through the streets of San Francisco by appearing several times in different locations. Despite its modest size, the Bug holds its own against the muscle cars of the era, proving that true strength comes in unexpected packages.

Beyond these notable examples, the Volkswagen Bug has made appearances in numerous films, often serving as a symbol of friendship, adventure, and camaraderie. Whether it’s ferrying characters on road trips or serving as a makeshift home, the VW Bug embodies the spirit of exploration and spontaneity.

But perhaps the true power of the VW Bug lies in its ability to unite audiences through laughter, goodwill and diecast. Regardless of its role in a particular film, the Bug’s timeless charm and enduring appeal remind us of the joy that can be found in life’s simple pleasures.

Has Fireball SKETCHED your favorite awesome DIECAST yet??

Fireball has done tons of CARS… In fact, it’s HUNDREDS. But some of the his favorites like you, are the tiny ones… like HOT WHEELS.

Do you have a FAVORITE CUSTOM DIECAST? Then get Fireball to bust out a SKETCH just for you or your favorite HUMAN! An amazing gift that not only creates a COOL CAR, but 10% of all Commissions goes to DOG RESCUES! So… SKETCH a CAR, PET a PUP as we say!

Take a look at some of these SWEET SIXTEENS and tell Fireball what you’d like to see next. Better yet, REACH OUT and have him SKETCH your fav!

DID YOU KNOW?? Since 1968, more than 4 billion Hot Wheels cars have been produced. YIKES!


Last through the Garage for DIECAST BREAKDOWN is this 1984 CROSSFIRE CORVETTE PURSUIT SPECIAL! Some awesome Cop-ness on this one and will go well with the rest of the POLICE CARS in the Garage! But check out what we’ve got for cool Diecast Goodness HERE!

My wife Kathie had a red 1984 Vette and when it wasn’t tooling around Malibu lookin’ cool… it was IN THE SHOP with the Hood up!! Doh! Needless to say, I’ve fixed all the mishaps IN THIS SKETCH!


DIECAST BREAKDOWN Sketch #2 hits with Fireball’s RADICAL JDM

Good Morning! And Welcome to the Land of Car Coolness!

Today brings Fireball’s SKETCH #2 for the boys of DIECAST BREAKDOWN with a radical JDM 1969 DATSUN 510 in Lime Yogurt! A Cyber-punked, Heavily Modified Street Screamer driven by this young lady known only as Terra Forma. But who is she??

Get this and all DIECAST BREAKDOWN Sketches in the Garage NOW and there’s still one more coming tomorrow! But also this week… ROBOTS, CREATURES, SHIP and GODS! Behold… the Pen is Lightning Quick… and it was GOOD.

Fireball SKETCHES Cruise Bruiser for DIECAST BREAKDOWN…

If you haven’t listened to the Podcast Show DIECAST BREAKDOWN, then get on it! Great trio of Hardcore Diecast Enthusiasts and as I was on the show recently, decided to bust out some SKETCHES for them as a “thank you.” First one goes out to Host Chuck Ellis, the car being picked by the audience was the Hot Wheels CRUISE BRUISER… but with some Fireball Love, yo!

Came out great on the MUG, so snag one and know that 10% goes to Dog Rescues! **Super Cool CARS, SPACESHIPS, ROBOTS and more coming this week also! Plus, check out our EXPANDING POP CULTURE Section with “Bewitched,” “I Dream of Jeanie” and Bugs Bunny!

INTERVIEW!! Fireball returns to the show “DIECAST BREAKDOWN”

What an amazing show with the boys of DIECAST MEDIA NETWORK! Great talk on Hot Wheels TV, Hollywood Cars and the Art of CAR CULTURE! Such a GREAT SHOW! Watch and give them a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

What will be the COVER ART for the next DIECAST HEROES??

The BEST Custom Diecast Collector’s Journal is out there… and it’s DIECAST HEROES. It’s my job to whip-snap the COVER ART and I’m constantly in search of INSPIRATION. Even in a wee Vdub.

Have you picked up the LATEST ISSUE? We even have SUPER COOL MUGS that help to support the cause and send 10% to DOG RESCUES! Help out and start your slurpin!’

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