MAD MAX MASTER PRINT thunders into the Fireball Garage…

One of our favorite cars in film always comes back to the MAD MAX INTERCEPTOR. And now, Fireball’s not only launched it as a huge MASTER PRINT, we’ve got Tees too! Check out the goods and tell us what’s YOUR favorite! We’ll have Fireball do it up!

Also in today, what the Batmobile breaks down?? You need Fireball’s BAT BUS SKETCH!! But who’s driving this??

Research for the BEST CARS here in the Fireball Tim Garage involves a tremendous amount of driving around town. It’s rough, but we’re committed to giving you serious COOLNESS… and to show this commitment, Fireball’s out driving EVERY DAY! See??

BEST OF SHOW?? Check out today’s episode with a stunning RED ’51 MERCURY SLED spotted in Hesperia, Ca! WATCH HERE!

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Mad Max Car Concept Art Tee Shirt by Fireball Tim Garage Mad Max Car Concept Art by Fireball Tim GarageMad Max Car Concept Art by Fireball Tim Garage Adam 12 Coffee Mug Concept Art by Fireball Tim Garage

Fireball finally SKETCHES Mad Max MFP INTERCEPTOR…

The MAD MAX MFP POLICE INTERCEPTOR has been requested more than any other car… so let’s get to it!

In the post-apocalyptic world of MAD MAX, where chaos reigns and lawlessness prevails, the police cars stand as ominous symbols of authority and power. These iconic vehicles, known for their rugged appearance and formidable presence, were not just creations of fiction but masterpieces born from the minds of talented designers and the hands of skilled craftsmen. And now… it’s a FIREBALL SKETCH!

The visionary responsible for the design of these dystopian marvels was Jon Dowding, an Australian production designer renowned for his work in the Mad Max franchise. Dowding’s vision for the police cars was to create imposing yet functional vehicles that perfectly encapsulated the law enforcement of a world gone mad. Drawing inspiration from military hardware and repurposed civilian vehicles, Dowding crafted designs that were both menacing and believable in the desolate wasteland depicted in the films.

However, bringing Dowding’s designs to life required the expertise of a team of craftsmen, led by master fabricator Murray Smith. Smith and his crew worked tirelessly to transform ordinary vehicles into the iconic POLICE INTERCEPTORS that have become synonymous with the Mad Max universe. From sourcing salvaged parts to custom fabricating armor plating and weaponry, every detail was meticulously crafted to ensure authenticity and functionality.

One of the most striking features of the Mad Max police cars is their distinctive color scheme. Unlike the bleak and de-saturated palette often associated with dystopian worlds, the police cars in the original Mad Max film were adorned with vibrant red, white, yellow and blue accents. These bold colors served as a stark contrast to the grim and gritty backdrop of the post-apocalyptic landscape, adding a sense of irony to the vehicles’ ominous presence. You would see them coming…

The choice of colors was a deliberate decision by Dowding and director George Miller, intended to symbolize the remnants of order and authority in a world consumed by chaos. The red, yellow, and blue hues harkened back to the traditional colors of law enforcement, albeit twisted and distorted by the harsh realities of the Mad Max universe.

The cop cars of Mad Max were not merely vehicles; they iconic symbols of a world gone mad. Designed by Jon Dowding and brought to life by craftsmen like Murray Smith, these imposing machines stand as testaments to the creativity and ingenuity of their creators. And with their bold color scheme, they serve as a reminder that even in the darkest of times, traces of order and authority can still be found amidst the chaos.

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Mad Max Police Interceptor Fireball Art

Epic FURIOSA Mad Max Trailer 3 hits… Fireball SKETCHES it!

Furiosa Mad Max Custom Car Art

The upcoming FURIOSA movie, a prequel to the acclaimed Mad Max franchise, promises to reignite the roaring engines and dystopian aesthetics that have captivated audiences worldwide. At the heart of this cinematic universe lies an iconography of vehicular mayhem, where every car is a character unto itself, embodying a singular design language that transcends traditional notions of automotive aesthetics. These vehicular behemoths, with their rugged exteriors and makeshift modifications, have not only left an indelible mark on cinematic history but have also profoundly influenced car culture across the globe, representing a unique blend of post-apocalyptic futurism.

Sooo… Fireball had to SKETCH IT!

From the original Mad Max in 1979 to the latest installment, Fury Road in 2015, the cars of the Mad Max universe have evolved alongside the narratives they inhabit. The films’ production designers and automotive experts have meticulously crafted each vehicle, transforming ordinary cars into menacing machines that mirror the harsh landscapes and lawless societies of a world on the brink of collapse. Scrap metal, salvaged parts, and improvised weaponry converge to create a visual spectacle that is as awe-inspiring as it is terrifying. And that, it is…

What sets the cars of Mad Max apart is their ability to transcend mere transportation and become symbols of power, survival, and rebellion. The Interceptor, driven by the eponymous hero, Max Rockatansky, is perhaps the most iconic of them all, with its sleek black exterior and supercharged engine symbolizing both speed and vengeance. (And you can get this car IN THE GARAGE!) Meanwhile, the War Rig, a monstrous tanker truck featured prominently in Fury Road, serves as a mobile fortress for Imperator Furiosa and her band of rebels, showcasing the ingenuity and resourcefulness required to navigate a world devoid of order.

The influence of these vehicular designs extends far beyond the silver screen, permeating various facets of contemporary car culture. Custom car builders and enthusiasts have drawn inspiration from the Mad Max aesthetic, incorporating elements of ruggedness and industrial grit into their own creations. From RAT RODS to apocalypse-ready off-roaders, echoes of the wasteland can be seen on streets and showgrounds around the world.

In essence, the cars of Mad Max represent more than just modes of transportation; they are embodiments of a world gone mad, where chaos reigns supreme and survival is a constant battle. As audiences eagerly await the release of Furiosa, it’s clear that the legacy of these iconic vehicles will continue to inspire and influence generations of enthusiasts, ensuring that the spirit of post-apocalyptic futurism lives on both on and off the screen. WATCH THE TRAILER ABOVE!

BONUS SKETCH!! MAD MAX Police Interceptor…

Nothing says BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA like the Mad Max POLICE INTERCEPTOR. And although it was crashed, burned, destroyed and obliterated… we still want it back. Guess we’ll just get a MUG and cool art for now! Hit “Mad Max” in the SEARCH at Fireball’s Store and CHECK OUT THE GOODS, BABY!

MAD MAX INTERCEPTOR makes the cut onto a Fireball MUG…

Got an idea for a COLLECTIBLE MOVIE CAR MUG?? Well, the goal is 500… so toss those ideas out there and see what happens! Today’s the brutal MAD MAX INTERCEPTOR Ford Falcon hits the Mug Circuit and SCORES BIG. Get it on ESTY!


Ok, so which one here would be your desert screamer? And yes, each one comes with a Dingo.

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