Today’s BONUS SKETCH is Magnus Walker’s Porsche 277!

Today’s BONUS SKETCH is Magnus Walker’s Porsche 277 in a variety of coolness. Check it out, grab your favorite and “GIT ON WITH THE DAY!” Just CLICK THE IMAGE to check it out!

Today’s MUG DROP is Urban Outlaw MAGNUS WALKER!

Having done Magnus’ COLORING BOOK, it’s an easy whip to do his Porsche 277 for today’s MUG DROP! So if you’re a Magnus Walker fan, snag this cool Mug and get ta slurpin!

Want a CUSTOM MUG? Reachout…

FIREBALL ART DROP! Awesome Magnus Walker Cover Art…

NEW ART DROP in our Etsy Store! This time, it’s the COVER ART from Fireball’s Official magnus Walker Coloring Book (Also available on Etsy.) ART comes SIGNED by Fireball!

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Epic MAGNUS WALKER Outlaw Gathering at the Petersen… THE PHOTOS!

What an incredible day with nearly a thousands people in line for over 3 hours! Wow. Incredibly grateful to the folks of THE PETERSEN for helping to put on a such a great show.

And BIG THANKS to all who attended and got a Free Signed Coloring Book, Hot Wheels or NIKES!

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MAGNUS WALKER OUTLAW GATHERING to happen at The Petersen Museum August 29th, 2021!!

Make sure you calendar is free for this one as it’s gonna be huge. Magnus and Fireball will be on hand and giving away 100 SIGNED COPIES of Magnus’ Official Coloring Book, plus 500 Hot Wheels! It’s gonna be INSANE!

Get the DETAILS below or on the Petersen Website HERE.

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The Official MAGNUS WALKER Coloring Book is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon!!!

So EXCITING!! The all-new Official MAGNUS WALKER Coloring Book is now available WORLDWIDE via Amazon and our first book to also launch in AUSTRALIA! 20 Pages of awesome Porsche and SOLARPUNKED Fireball Images to Color, plus an AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL Journey of Magnus’ success. Let’s ponder a Bright, Positive Future. We need this right now…

10% of Proceed benefits HOPE FOR PAWS and 4OCEAN!! GET IT HERE!!!

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Final MAGNUS WALKER Sketch lays the future smackdown for the incoming Coloring Book!!

Here it is! The FINAL Sketch for the incoming Official MAGNUS WALKER Coloring Book! If you’ve been following along all month as I did these sketches, you’ll know that this will certainly be on our our BEST BOOKS YET!

Inspired by Magnus’ Original Photos, this book projects what DTLA will look like in a hundred+ years… Solarpunked! Only a few days away before the book launches June 1st ON AMAZON Worldwide. Also, our first book to launch in AUSTRALIA!

And yes, we WILL be doing Book Signings with Magnus!

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MAGNUS WALKER Sketch #14 takes 277 Cities to the Sky as a 911 looks on…

Imagine a future where ENTIRE CITIES take to the sky. Makes driving one of Magnus’ 911s that much more exciting…

Coloring Book launches in 2 weeks!!!

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MAGNUS WALKER Sketch #13 envisions LAX 2155… and it’s EPIC

What will LAX look like in 2155? …Along with a Classic PORSCHE 944? Well, ask Magnus and he’ll tell you. It’ll be awesome…

Our next Fireball Coloring Book is out June 1st!!

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This MAGNUS WALKER PORSCHE is lost in a Solarpunked Desert…

MAGNUS Sketch #12 from our next upcoming Coloring Book is inspired by one of his amazing photos… lost in a NOT PERIOD CORRECT Future. But how far away is this??

Gettin’ cooler by the second…

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