BONUS SKETCH! Bosozoku Celica, Mini 220, Diecast & EMERGENCY

I get to SKETCH  a lot of cool cars like HiroK’s BOSOZOKU Celica GT you see here. The cooler the BETTER, I always say. But I’m so grateful when someone reaches out and hires me to whip-snap their ride and it results in 5 cars for SEMA and a crap load of others coming!

But each say is a GIFT and getting to SKETCH Concept Art for you guys and for Movies is the BEST! So today, along with Hiro’s ride comes the all-new MINI 220. A concept, that although didn’t get built in my shop, made it into the GARAGE for you guys who love the Coops. All my MINIS were fast and a little scary, but this one will only chill on your wall and look badass. So no worries.

Also found this VINTAGE BALL of me doin’ the Diecast thing in 1973 with some Corgi’s and Dinkys! You can’t really see it, but in the upper right corner was a massive close-up photo of HARPO MARX laughing. I woke up to the picture for YEARS! No wonder I love havin’ a good time!

And… a word of CAUTION. The latest EMERGENCY CANVAS PRINT just launched this morning may cause severe coolness in you world. So BEWARE. This is my Official Disclaimer as I don’t want your head to POP OFF when someone enters your crib and starts flippin’ the wild weenie. They may… and you’ll have to handle it.

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EMERGENCY at the Fireball Garage leads to Tiki Coolness…

Not only did Fireball pump out a new EMERGENCY MASTER PRINT CANVAS, but it inspired an addition Tiki Hot Rod SKETCH just to celebrate getting close to the Weekend! Squad 51 comes in 3 sizes!

The original EMERGENCY! was an amazing show that featured and inside look into the life of LA County Paramedics. The true heroes on our streets.

“Emergency! was an American television series at Universal, debuting on NBC on January 15, 1972. It ran for a total of 122 episodes until May 28, 1977, with six additional two-hour television films during the next two years, 1978 and 1979. It was produced by Jack Webb who had also created the police dramas Adam 12 and Dragnet.”

Also on today’s blast is a wee bit of Fireball Diecast, to which you know that Fireball’s a BIG COLLECTOR. He’s got well over 3000 Movie Cars! Buy him a coffee and he may show you them…

And finally, today’s BEST OF SHOW is this super cool 1963 VW BUS… SHORTY BUS!! Watch!

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Emergency Squad 51 Concept Art by Fireball Tim Garage Tiki Hot Rod Concept Art by Fireball Tim GarageDiecast by Fireball Tim GarageEscape from LA Concept Art by Fireball Tim Garage

EMERGENCY Squad 51 gets called to the Fireball Tim Garage…

Been wanting to do this SKETCH for a long time and more requests on this one that even the BATMOBILE!

So today, we launch SQUAD 51 from EMERGENCY! And we’ve got some really cool stuff in THE GARAGE here! One of my favorite shows as a kid, I dreamed of being a Fireman and going on many adventures. These guys were likable, heroic and exciting. Although I became a DESIGNER instead, I’ve always admired Firefighters like no one else. If you personally know one, then give them the RESPECT they deserve.

DID YOU KNOW?? The “Squad 51” in the Los Angeles County Fire Museum is the last of three vehicles of that model used during the filming of Emergency!. The first was a 1972 D300 1 ton truck cab and chassis. This squad appeared in the first two seasons. An identical 1973 D300 appeared during the third season. LA County Fire Station 127 (Station 51) in Carson City, CA, is preserved as it was during filming of “Emergency!” The station is dedicated to the memory of the show’s producer Robert A. Cinader.


DRIVING THE FUTURE… #Motorcycle #LawEnforcment #Jaguar #EmergencyDrone

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Fireball’s weekend BEST OF SHOW CONCEPT ART includes…

Do you have a favorite FIREBALL SKETCH? Is it from a TV Show, Movie, Classic, Hot Rod or TRUCK? Well, fans have spoken and this weekend’s BEST OF SHOW CONCEPT ART include these four badasses!

The 1967 PLYMOUTH BELVEDERE from ADAM 12, SQUAD 51 from the show EMERGENCY, Lily and Fred’s MUNSTER KOACH and THE FAMILY TRUCKSTER from National Lampoon’s FAMILY VACATION!

Although the race continues each week, these babies are way out in front and they aren’t even EV’S! There’s lot of reasons to slurp a Fireball MUG, lock in a print PRINT or sport a TEE, but the best one is that they’re just so damn SEXY COOL! Have you snagged one? Be sure to LEAVE A REVIEW as it helps the RACE continue!

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Adam 12 Plymouth Belvedere Concept Art by Fireball Tim Emergency Squad 51 Concept Art by Fireball Tim Munster Koach Concept Art by Fireball Tim Family Truckster Concept Art by Fireball Tim

If FIRE were a personality in FILM, she’s be THIS…

In the grand theater of existence, few characters are as captivating and formidable as FIRE itself. Like a protagonist in an epic saga, fire possesses a personality that is both mesmerizing and primal, driven by an insatiable need to burn hot and consume everything in its path. In countless movies and TV shows, from EMERGENCY to BACKDRAFT, fire is portrayed as a force to be reckoned with, possessing its own unique arc of life and eventual extinction.

Today’s new SKETCH with the EMERGENCY SQUAD 51 embodies FIRE as this character. Beautiful, powerful, yet DEADLY. Check it out IN THE GARAGE!

At its core, fire embodies the essence of passion and intensity. Much like a hero driven by a noble quest, fire blazes forth with an unwavering determination, fueled by the energy of both the living and the inanimate. Its flickering flames dance with an otherworldly grace, drawing in all who dare to behold its mesmerizing beauty.

In the classic TV Show EMERGENCY, fire takes center stage as both a destructive force and a symbol of hope. It challenges the brave firefighters who battle tirelessly to contain its fury, pushing them to their limits and testing their resolve. Yet, amidst the chaos and danger, fire also serves as a beacon of courage, inspiring acts of selflessness and heroism in the face of adversity.

Similarly, in BACKDRAFT, fire is personified as a cunning adversary, lurking in the shadows and waiting to strike. Like a complex antagonist, it feeds on fear and uncertainty, consuming everything in its path with relentless ferocity. But as the story unfolds, fire also reveals its vulnerable side, its destructive nature ultimately leading to its own demise.

Just as every character in film must face their own journey, so too must fire confront its inevitable fate. As the flames grow weaker and the embers dim, it is a reminder of the transient nature of all things. Yet, even in its final moments, fire leaves behind a legacy that cannot be extinguished—a testament to its indomitable spirit and enduring power.

In the end, fire is more than just a physical phenomenon—it is a symbol of transformation and renewal. Like a PHOENIX rising from the ashes, it embodies the eternal cycle of life and death, reminding us of the endless possibilities that lie within the flames. So the next time you gaze into a crackling fire, remember the personality that lies within, and marvel at the timeless tale it has to tell. And don’t forget to follow Fireball on INSTAGRAM!

Emergency Squad 51 Fire Truck Art

Fireball’s epic TOP SELLERS are FAN FAVORITES of the WEEK!

A HUGE THANK YOU to those that snagged these CUSTOM CAR ART images in the Garage on MUGS, CANVAS’ & SHIRTS this week! Pretty clear that you guys love CLASSIC TV & FILM, so I’ll be doing a lot more images in ’24! WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE? What shows NEEDS TO BE DONE?? And as always, Commissions are OPEN if you want a special GIFT for someone who LOVES CARS & CLASSIC CINEMA!

It’s a neck n’ neck race with some of the other SKETCHES too, including my TV POP CULTURE Series. Check ’em out and tell me what’s missing! NEW ART coming this week!!

DID YOU KNOW?? Nate “Happy” Derman played wolf-boy Eddie Munster in the pilot, but his growling, clawing characterization was a little too lycanthropic for the network’s taste. He was replaced by my friend Butch Patrick, who played Eddie more like a pointy-eared version of Tony Dow’s Beaver Cleaver!

gilligans island custom car art hardcastle and mccormick custom car art speed racer custom car art starsky and hutch custom car art fast and furious custom car art emergency squad 51 custom car art batman batmobile custom car art adam 12 custom car art pop culture custom art

Today’s SKETCH comes from the sixties STREETS OF L.A…

Cop Shows like ADAM 12 were a plenty when I grew up. My dad was writing many of them. They were, however, very different than today’s shows.

Far less violent, campy, bright and they kept story-lines simple and about people. Today’s shows are ultra-violent, very serious and DARK. Which would you rather watch if you are trying to maintain a good life? CHOOSE WISELY, my friends. What you allow into your mind… becomes your experience.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Emile Coue

Get today’s NEW SKETCH in the Garage!!

DID YOU KNOW?? Adam-12 was an American television drama which originally aired from September 21, 1968 to August 26, 1975 on NBC for 175 episodes. The show was produced by Jack Webb’s Mark VII Limited, which also produced Dragnet and Emergency!

Fireball finally busts out the bodacious BATMISSIBLE Sketch

Been meaning to get to this car for a long time… From BATMAN RETURNS, The BATMISSILE resulted when the original ’89 Batmobile literally blew it’s doors off. (Technically, it didn’t have doors, but ENTIRE SIDES!) But I found it funny that Batman built the Batmissile just to go down tight alleys… once. That’s a lot of work for a chase? But it looks amazing ON MUGS & SHIRTS!!


DID YOU KNOW?? The Batmissile was an emergency function of the original Batmobile. Once engaged, the car would shed pieces of the outer body and change shape, basically leaving the turbine engine with the 4 wheels pulled inline to fit its new form. Its only known use was during the Cobblepot mayoral campaign.


A lot of requests for this one, ADAM 12’s pilot episode started out with a 1967 PLYMOUTH BELVEDERE and as the show progressed, they used a ’68 and then a ’69. Cops need the goods to get the job done, but the boys in blue were never without the best ride!

Today’s SKETCH is the ’68 version and hits with MUGS, CANVAS and even a super cool RUG! CHECK THEM OUT along with all our Police Cars in the GARAGE!

DID YOU KNOW?? Like Jack Webb’s other series, Dragnet and Emergency!, Adam-12 was produced in cooperation with the actual department it was based on… in this case, the LAPD. Adam-12 aimed to be realistic in its depiction of policing and helped familiarize the American public with police procedures and jargon. It was the closest to real police work that the LAPD had ever seen.