Since its debut in 1960, THE FLINTSTONES has remained an iconic staple in television animation. Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, the show cleverly blended Stone Age settings with modern-day situations, captivating audiences with its humor and timeless charm. One of the most memorable aspects of the show was its unique vehicles, which played a significant role in the show’s humor and storytelling.

The Flintstones family’s primary mode of transportation was the iconic foot-powered car, resembling a prehistoric version of a modern automobile. This imaginative design, resembling a sleek, stone-age version of a car, perfectly encapsulated the show’s whimsical setting. Despite its primitive appearance, also known as the Flintmobile, as it came to be known, became an enduring symbol of the series.

Behind the scenes, the creation of the Flintmobile was a combination of creativity and practicality. The design team at HB, led by Ed Benedict, envisioned a vehicle that would blend seamlessly into the Stone Age setting while still resembling a functional car. The result was a vehicle made entirely of stone and wood, propelled by the Flintstone family’s feet pushing against the ground.

Decades later, “The Flintstones” received a modern cinematic adaptation, bringing the beloved characters and their iconic car to life on the big screen. However, unlike its animated counterpart, the real-life Flintmobiles used in the movies were not powered by foot pedals… but by electricity and built by Cinema Vehicle Services.

The full-size builds of the Flintmobiles for the movies were impressive feats of engineering. Designed to resemble the classic cartoon car while meeting modern safety standards, these electric vehicles retained the charm of the original design while incorporating contemporary technology.

The decision to make the Flintmobiles electric was both practical and environmentally conscious. By opting for electric power, the filmmakers were able to replicate the iconic look of the Flintstones family’s car while reducing emissions and promoting sustainability.

THE FLINTSTONES remains a timeless classic in television animation, celebrated for its humor, creativity, and iconic characters. The design of the Flintmobile, with its blend of prehistoric aesthetics and modern ingenuity, continues to captivate audiences of all ages. And with the adaptation of electric-powered full-size builds for the movies, the Flintmobiles have evolved into symbols of both nostalgia and innovation.

And now… IT’S IN THE GARAGE! But which one should Fireball do next??

Flintstones Flintmobile Fireball Custom Car Art  Flintstones Flintmobile Fireball Custom Car ArtFlintstones Flintmobile Fireball Custom Car ArtFlintstones Flintmobile Fireball Custom Car Art  Flintstones Flintmobile Fireball Custom Car ArtFlintstones Flintmobile Fireball Custom Car Art

Today’s MAD MOVIE CAR! Flintstones Rockmobiles…



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Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… #Futurama #Lucy Car Chase #FlintstonesHouse in Malibu #ActionMovie


• This Test Shot for the upcoming 3D FUTURAMA looks slick… and let’s hope New York ever looks that good.

• Scarlett Johansson rips through the streets of Paris in this clip from LUCY… C’mom, WAY too many silver cars in Paris.

• This contestant from AMERICAN NINJA WARRIORS has a movie career coming…

• Dick Clark’s FLINTSTONES House in Malibu is super awesome… STONEAGETECTURE

• Posters… ATLAS SHRUGGED 3, GUARDIANS, SIN CITY 2 and more…

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Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… #PowerRangers #Flintstones #NightattheMuseum #DawnofApes #actionmovies


• Lionsgate is gearing up a new POWER RANGERS… again. Not sure why.

• Will Ferrell producing a new FLINTSTONES movie… again. Also, not sure why.

• Night at the Museum 3 is now called NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: SECRET OF THE TOMB. Or maybe Raiders of the Lost Fart? I like that better.

DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES Viral Vids are creepy… in a show nothing sort of way.

What’s up @ The Fireball Pad next week? Ostrich, @Arrowhead @Kia Flintstones, Bill Wall, Toys, T-Shirts & a new SHOW! @WCM_AgouraHills

Man, I really have to get myself Xeroxed…. Ok, here we go… NEXT WEEK is off the hook with so much happening that I have to leave town just to do it all!! But, here at The Fireball Pad, that’s how we roll… so let’s get started.

KCL is full steam into another OSTRICH for The White House Easter Egg Roll. Coming along nicely and here’s a Behind the Scenes Shot of Kathie doin’ her thang.


• Off to BIG BEAR and ARROWHEAD on Wednesday for a scoot in this week’s ride. The 2014 KIA OPTIMA. Gonna wee willie winkle the roads up there and visit Sarkisian Coffee while I’m at it.


• This week’s 5MINUTE DRIVE episode airing on Monday features Hollywood Director BRIAN LEVANT and the EXTREEEEEME KING TAHOE! He directed THE FLINTSTONES. Wait for it… Wait for it… KAPOWEEEE!!!

• My article in The Malibu Surfside News (out on Wednesday) features celeb and all around cool guy, BILL WALL of BILL WALL LEATHER. His cars are sick!

• Designs for my new TOYS are comin’ together nicely. If all goes according to plan, they’ll be on shelves in WalMart, Target and more for XMas. What are they? Well, all I can say is that they are squashed, pulled apart, slammed down and ripped together. Stay toooned for more NEWS coming…

• New Kid’s T-SHIRTS are also coming from WORLD CLASS MOTORING! They’re called MUSCLE•KID™ and the first shirt is gonna make kids go bonkers! Should be any day now…

5MINUTE DRIVE is doing so well that local station KDOC-LA56 has plans. Can’t say much more, but if you squeeze your eyeballs closed and envision coolness, you’ll be dead-on.

Off to The Rose for coffee this morgone. Who’s with me??

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Would COOL CARS actually make modern TV Shows better??

It’s a fact. And it was proven in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. COOL CARS make TV Shows and Movies fun to watch… And the #1 Movie Franchise is all about them.

But if someone in Hollywood fully understood this… that CARS are as much characters in film as are the Actors, then they’d understand that NO SERIES wouldn’t be improved by adding a COOL CAR. It’s always been a major point of story telling, as the audiences who love cars are the BIGGEST IN THE WORLD. Bigger than SPORTS.

In fact, most Action Films are not really action without a CHASE. But Hollywood right now is pumping out series after series with NO VEHICLES. But those shows that draw us in are the ones that have CARS. I’m watching LONGMIRE right now and it’s a Mystery Series. But every time Walt gets into his BRONCO, it’s just plain cool to see where he goes.

Every day here at Fireball, we celebrate CARS in FILM. Why? Because it’s my job in film to DESIGN THEM and help tell the stories. And as I grew up in a family of writers, STORY IS KING. Check out my page on Art Station. And as always to celebrate, let’s check out these cool babies from some of our favorite shows. Click the SKETCHES to see what we have IN THE GARAGE and then get busy slurpin’ coolness…


PROOF that Car Culture goes back to the STONE AGE…

Yes, some cars are old… especially Vintage Brass Era Cars. But DID YOU KNOW that Cars actually go back to the STONE AGE? Just watch some classic episodes of THE FLINTSTONES and you’ll see a whole passel of them!

Today, Fireball’s SKETCH is Fred’s BEDROCK ROADSTER and looks amazing on our new Wall Clocks as well as MUGS, PRINTS and even a BEACH TOWEL! Check ’em out and know that 10% goes to Dog Rescues!

Today’s EPISODE of BEST OF SHOW? A little girl explains GODZILLA in the 1992 NISSAN SKYLINE GTR NISMO S1! WATCH!

Today’s Fireball SKETCH was built 2.6 Million years ago…

One of the most famous TV Cars to ever hit the small screen was THE FLINTSTONES Bedrock Roadster. And now, not only has it been MUGGED, but check out what crazy items are from THE STONE AGE! fireballtimgarage.art

Today’s Fireball picks of AWESOME RIDES…

Hard choice here… but which one do you want the keys for??

Official TONY DOW Coloring Book Press Release…


Fireball Publishing launches first Celebrity Book with The Official TONY DOW Coloring Book

Fireball Publishing is truly taking the Coloring World by storm for 2020 with their 30th book launch in so many months, rounding out their entire coloring line from CAMARO, MUSTANG, VETTE and SURFER GIRLS to TIKI, VINTAGE TRAILER and many more Automotive and Sea Life Books

But the Official TONY DOW Coloring Book is their first Celebrity Book encompassing 19 amazing sketches chronicling the life of Actor TONY DOW. Tony started in Hollywood by playing Wally on “Leave it to Beaver” and is now an international Sculptor and Artist. The illustrations in the book are inked by Fireball Publishing’s founder Fireball Tim, including scenes from Tony’s life throughout the years, an intricate Scuba Maze and quotes from Tony and his wife Lauren to match each sketch.

“Coloring Books are a perfect match for Celebrities who wish to connect with their audience,” says Fireball. “For both adults and kids, the act of coloring bonds families, expands and enhances the creative process experience and builds a legacy. I’m proud and grateful to be doing an amazing book with my good friend Tony.”

Available solely on Amazon worldwide on August 1st, The Official Tony Dow Coloring Book is a key part of Fireball Publishing’s master-plan being realized by a consistent tidal wave of hyper-niched supreme-quality Coloring Books that surpass anything on the market. This first Celebrity-based book will surely attract more celebs eager to lock their brands in the minds of kids and fans.

“Fireball is a buddy and has some pretty out-there ideas,” mentioned celebrity Tony Dow. But the more we talked, the more fun it sounded. It will be a great way to show what’s been going on in my life, plus share some great memories with the incredible amount of ‘Leave it to Beaver’ fans that still follow the show. Fireball’s artwork is terrific and I think kids, young and old, will have a blast coloring them.”

Fireball Publishing’s unique Hollywood-inspired design process is quickly making them the #1 publisher for coloring books with a slate that will include over 100 books in the next 5 years.


FPG was spearheaded by Fireball Tim and Kathie Lawrence in January of 2018, off the heels of over 35 years in the film industry as designers on 400+ Blockbuster Films including Batman, Flintstones to Jurassic Park. Now this Hollywood Design Couple has blasted onto the Coloring Book market along with a Vlog Show (Fireball Malibu Vlog with 1000 episodes) and continue to create books at lightning speed.


Fireball Publishing


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