Clan VAN DYKE appears at Malibu City Gallery…

An amazing art show today at the Malibu City Gallery with the ART of WES VAN DYKE! Wes is such a talent with some incredible Oil Paintings only made better by a tremendous family turnout of support… lead by Grandfather Dick Van Dyke and Dad, Barry. BIG THANKS to those that came and had such a good time!!

Dick’s show is next in November!

THIS SUNDAY, August 20th at 8am is MUSCLE & MOJO!!

Join us for MUSIC, COFFEE, DONUTS and COOL CARS! ** Fireball WILL NOT be on hand due to the dreaded Covid Cornholer! But it will be awesome just the same!

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The HOLLYWOOD CAR SHOW 02 – When All Else Fails…Car Chase!

This week’s Fireball Art heads to the TROPICS…

One of my favorite shows growing up was GILLIGAN’S ISLAND. But no one saw this BAMBOO CAR coming when it showed up on screen. Made me realize that ANY show would be cooler if you added a CAR. Check out the MUGSHOT here!

What’s your fav of this week’s MOVIE CAR LINE-UP?

There’s a slew of NEW MOVIE CAR MUGSHOTS coming from Fireball over the next few weeks… and here’s some of them. Which one’s will YOU be slurpin’ out of??


Reach out to Fireball for BOOKINGS, CUSTOM DESIGNS, Car Show Appearances, Talks and more!

For THE HOLLYWOOD CAR SHOW PODCAST and Technical Questions…

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The HOLLYWOOD CAR SHOW is back with Episode 1!!!

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This week’s AUTOMOTIVE CELEBRITIES showcase some of the coolest rides on the planet. From MOVIE CARS to KUSTOMS to their own Collections. Who’s your favorite star in THIS lot?? And can you identify them all??

There’s a NEW ALIEN MOVIE coming in 2024…

This time, it’s filmmaker Fede Álvarez directing at the helm of the upcoming ALIEN movie with Cailee Spaeny as the lead. Let’s hope they have some seriously COOL VEHICLES. But which one was YOUR FAVORITE??

WELCOME BACK to where Hollywood meets CARS!!!!

Took some time, but the Fireball Blog is back and BETTER THAN EVER! From this day forward, we’ll be bringing you best of CARS, CELEBRITIES, MOVIES & MALIBU… plus a few Diecast surprises here and there! Fireball’s ETSY GARAGE is rockin’ too, so be sure to swing on over and see WHAT’S NEW!

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