Fireball reveals why CAR SHOWS are so awesome…

CAR SHOWS are more than just gatherings for automotive enthusiasts; they are vibrant hubs of passion, creativity, and community. Especially Cars & Coffee Events. Among the plethora of such events, County Line Cars and Coffee in Westlake stands out as a prime example, drawing enthusiasts from all walks of life. But what is it about these gatherings that captivate people’s hearts and minds? Tommy Scalera of CAR SHOW SAFARI and I went this morning to find out…

Firstly, car shows offer a sensory feast. The gleaming curves of classic cars, the throaty rumble of engines, and the intoxicating smell of donuts and coffee to create an experience that appeals to all the senses. County Line Cars and Coffee epitomizes this, with its picturesque setting providing the perfect backdrop for enthusiasts to showcase their prized vehicles.

Yet, beyond the aesthetics lies a deeper connection – the stories behind the cars. Each vehicle has a history, a tale of restoration, modification, or customization that reflects the owner’s personality and passion. At car shows, enthusiasts eagerly share these stories, forging bonds with fellow aficionados and sparking inspiration in others. County Line Cars and Coffee serves as a platform for these narratives to unfold, fostering a sense of camaraderie among attendees.

The car shows offer a window into the past, present, and future of automotive culture. Vintage CLASSICS stand alongside cutting-edge SUPERCARS, showcasing the evolution of design and engineering. This juxtaposition of old and new sparks conversations about innovation and tradition, inspiring attendees to push the boundaries of automotive creativity. County Line Cars and Coffee embraces this diversity, welcoming vehicles of all makes and models, from vintage Mustangs to sleek Teslas. Imagine if we looked at each other’s differences in that way instead of being afraid of what’s different?

Car Shows provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in their passion for automobiles. In a world filled with distractions and haters, these events offer a rare opportunity to live in the moment, to appreciate the beauty of craftsmanship and the thrill of speed. County Line Cars and Coffee serves as a sanctuary for enthusiasts to indulge their love for cars and forge lasting memories with like-minded individuals.

In essence, people love car shows because they are more than just showcases of automotive excellence; they are celebrations of passion, creativity, and community. Through events like County Line Cars and Coffee, enthusiasts are inspired to embrace their love for cars and create something new, keeping the spirit of automotive culture alive for generations to come.

**And check out what got Fireball’s BEST OF SHOW! See some of the episodes on Fireball’s YOUTUBE and IG!

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Behind the Scenes of the 2023 HOLLYWOOD CHRISTMAS PARADE!

The 2023 HOLLYWOOD CHRISTMAS PARADE went off without a hitch and Fireball was there on the Red Carpet with StarCar Central, Car Show Safari and about 40 MOVIE CARS! Check out the shot with Ghostbuster, Ernie Hudson!


So grateful to be hanging with Nate Truman and STAR CAR CENTRAL with over 40 MOVIE CARS… LIVE AND ON THE RED CARPET VIA FACEBOOK this Sunday!! Watch the show on TV or JOIN ME LIVE as we WALK THE RED with CARS, STARS and CHRISTMAS CHEER!!

TOMORROW! Fireball heads to Hesperia for INGLIS CLASSICS!

Looking forward to an amazing CAR SHOW and what a spectacular weekend it’s going to be! Not only will we be LIVE at INGLIS CLASSICS, but Sunday I will be with Dick Van Dyke and his “Moments in Time” photography exhibit by Laura Johansen at the Malibu City Gallery at City Hall!! 12noon-3. Hope to see you guys this weekend!!

DICK VAN DYKE Photo Exhibit launches Nov 19th at Noon…

Should be a HUGE show and we are very excited to celebrate icon “DICK VAN DYKE: Moments in Time” and the photos of his personal photographer Laura Johansen, on display for this Gala Opening at MALIBU CITY HALL. As Chairman of the MALIBU ARTS COMMISSION, Fireball welcomes all who decide to make the journey out to the Gallery from 12noon-3pm on Sunday, Nov 19th. But keep in mind… IF YOU GET THERE LATE, don’t expect to get a seat for the Q&A at 1:30pm!! Security and Protocol will be in place!

If you want to display a CAR, CONTACT FIREBALL and get there at 10am!!!

This is a FREE EVENT with food, Music from A CALL TO PEACE and tons of fun. Get there early and see the show as CROWD CONTROL will be enforced.

Check out this crazy 1953 KUSTOM CHEVY STARLITE!

As you know, Fireball loves KUSTOMS. And this 1953 KUSTOM CHEVY PICKUP is from the Ventura Nationals. The paint is pretty awesome, but it seems that it’s still a work in progress? What do you guys think?? What would YOU do to it??

Highlights from the 2023 ART CENTER Design Invitational…

BIG THANKS to Art Center College of Design for having us up. I even got the Mayor of Malibu to help pull the car off the trailer! And HUGE THANKS to Rob Rosebrugh for bringing out the MINI from his collection in Ventura. Great show hanging with school-mate Henrik Fisker, Ken Okuyama and Jason Hill of APTERA.

Best school on the planet for AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN… Check out Ken’s super cool MUG!!

Where is Fireball whippin’ a SIG NEXT??

Join Fireball at INGLIS CLASSICS in Hesperia on Nov 18th and the DICK VAN DYKE Photography Exhibit on Nov 19th! Come one, COME ALL!

2023 HOT WHEELS LEGENDS TOUR goes off!!!!

What an amazing show with some serious rides! I also hit the 2023 HOT WHEELS CON at the LAX Marriott… CHECK IT OUT!


If you’re an ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN Alumi or College Supporter, come join Fireball for the 2023 ART CENTER DESIGN INVITATIONAL on Sunday, October 28th from 10am-2pm. He’ll be there with the STREET TUNER CHALLENGE MINI and a host of amazing CARS, DESIGNERS and Industry Professionals. Should be an amazing event!