Clan VAN DYKE appears at Malibu City Gallery…

An amazing art show today at the Malibu City Gallery with the ART of WES VAN DYKE! Wes is such a talent with some incredible Oil Paintings only made better by a tremendous family turnout of support… lead by Grandfather Dick Van Dyke and Dad, Barry. BIG THANKS to those that came and had such a good time!!

Dick’s show is next in November!

This week’s CELEBS include Magnus & DICK VAN DYKE!

With the MALIBU ARTS COMMISSION, Fireball is planning a new show with the Legendary DICK VAN DYKE at the Malibu City Gallery for this December! Stay tuned here at the Fireball for MORE NEWS COMING! **Below… Fireball tours the Porsche Collection of MAGNUS WALKER!


This week’s AUTOMOTIVE CELEBRITIES showcase some of the coolest rides on the planet. From MOVIE CARS to KUSTOMS to their own Collections. Who’s your favorite star in THIS lot?? And can you identify them all??


Off to the RODEO DRIVE CONCOURS this morning!! Who’s gonna be there?? Everyone…

When CLINT EASTWOOD isn’t killin’ badguys, he’s doin’ this..

CLINT EASTWOOD has played some serious roles in his career… and to blow off steam like blowin’ up a bad guy, he’s into CARS. But what’s the FERRARI??

Sad news today at the loss of my friend CHRIS ESCOBAR…

A family man, BUG enthusiast and an extreme talent. Shot this at the Pete with Magnus. He will be missed in the car community and now has moved on to where we cannot follow… for now. Get busy living, ppl. Be kind, less judgemental and GIVE LOVE.

No one epitomized STARDOM more than THIS YOUNG LADY

Although ELIZABETH TAYLOR was the epitome of Star Heaven… this is not about Actors, but their COOL CARS. So what’s that convertible in the background, people?

TONY CURTIS drove what car in the TV Series THE PERSUADERS?

Nope, TONY CURTIS didn’t drive this Classic Jag… but another FASTER Roadster.

These Hard Ladies defined BADASSERY for a Generation…

THELMA & LOUISE became heroes to all Car People. Didn’t take crap from anyone and went out on their own terms. Another great film directed by RIDLEY SCOTT and affected many who saw it. Plus, the T-Bird man, the T-Bird.

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AUDREY HEPBURN loved getting her photo taken with these…

Golden Mega-Star AUDREY HEPBURN was said to have loved having her photo taken with amazing CARS. Well, who wouldn’t? But it would have been fun to get a Selfie with her too! 😉 But WHAT’S THIS BRAND NEW ROADSTER?