Today’s featured AUTOMOTIVE COLORING BOOK is Super…!

Today’s Fireball BOOK is the Official FRANK STEPHENSON COLORING BOOK! Full of Frank’s best designs, you can snag this one at Barnes & Noble!

BONUS SKETCH!! The Camaro Bully ain’t takin’ no sh*t…

Today’s BONUS SKETCH is an update variation on Fireball’s CAMARO COLORING BOOK! Are you a Muscle Car fan? Then check out the GOODS and “Git yur CAR FACE on!”

Today’s Featured COLORING BOOK is Diecast MAYHEM!!!

Since our migration away for Amazon to BARNES & NOBLE, we’ve got nothing but great things coming! And today’s featured Coloring Book is the Official MIKE ZARNOCK Hot Wheels Coloring Book full of amazing Diecast Awesomeness! Grab one for your kids and “GIT TA COLORIN’ for the Holidays!”

BONUS SKETCH!! Behold… the Wrench Nation Cadillac

This Art was done for the COVER of the Official WRENCH NATION Coloring Book (Available on B&N here) which featured this Trumpet-Caddy Duo. But what year is the Caddy??

Today’s AUTOMOTIVE COLORING BOOK straight outta Hollywood!

Today’s featured AUTOMOTIVE COLORING BOOK is for diehard MOVIE CAR FANS! Fireball’s HOLLYWOOD MOVIE CAR Coloring Book has 20 amazing CARS from FILM to Color, plus a Cool MAZE! Check it out on Barnes & Noble!


Back on BARNES & NOBLE is Dennis Gage’s ORPHANS & ODDBALLS Coloring Book! Chock fulla weird, wacky and wild rides, these are a BLAST TO COLOR! Check out what else in in there!

Today’s Featured Coloring Book is GENE WINFIELD!!!

Our Books are back… and today it’s the Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book! You can get this 20-page book filled with Gene’s Greatest Builds and Color them in YOUR OWN TAKE! Available at Barnes & Noble!


THE BOOKS ARE BACK!! No longer on Amazon, the Coloring Books are now EXCLUSIVE with BARNES & NOBLE! Books will be available in Stores, but you can ORDER NOW on B& to get it in time for the Holiday Rush! Here’s what’s available so far!

Awesome Fireball COLORING BOOKS are Back!!

Check out all the latest FIREBALL COLORING BOOKS, now available at BARNES & NOBLE! CLICK HERE TO BUY!! New Books are Coming DAILY, so STAY TUNED!!!

Fireball COLORING BOOKS are slowly RETURNING!!

About 8 months ago, we lost our Coloring Book Manufacturer and it created… shall we say, a HICCUP? But the good news is that now, all of Fireball’s COLORING BOOKS will be returning, thanks to BARNES & NOBLE!! You can order as they come in DAILY, or order from the store. But we’re working on having them available IN STORES, too!

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