Super cool BONUS SKETCH today reveals what looks like Barbie hangin’ in Malibu for some SURF! You a BARBIE Fan? Check out the PINK GOODS in Fireball’s Store!

Will today’s Fireball SKETCH become a Porsche Classic??

No one can tell, but the PORSCHE 718 CAYMAN is certainly cool and worthy of today’s Fireball SKETCH! What would YOU have Fireball do?? REACH OUT! at Did you pick up Fireball’s 2024 CALENDAR yet??

BONUS SKETCH! 1953 Classic Corvette & Devil’s Tower…

In remembrance of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, imagine driving this classic 1953 Vette to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming? Aliens don’t stand a chance. Check out some of the OTHER VETTES Fireball’s got IN THE STORE!


What would you get if MAD MAX… drove a TESLA? You’d get Fireball’s Mad Max TESLA INTERCEPTOR as today’s SKETCHMASH!! You’ll never SEE or HEAR this infiltrator coming… but got an idea for a Fireball SKETCHMASH?? Reach out…


Today’s Fireball SKETCH is one of the MOST FAMOUS Diecasts..

When you think of HOT WHEELS DIECAST, rarely do you NOT think of the TWINMILL!! Originally designed by IRA GILFORD in 1969, the TwinMill has gone through countless iterations. And now, Fireball does his take for the GARAGE. Golden Orange and ALL COOL! Grab his Fan Art and he’ll send 10% to Dog Rescues! NEW SKETCH EVERYDAY!

Have you seen what THE WRAITH is Cookin??’

Fireball busted out “THE WRAITH” as today’s SKETCH and here’s the goods from the STORE! Mugs, Stickers, Canvas Art! (But wait until you see what’s comin’ tomorrow!!) BAAAAMM!! Over 300+ items in Fireball’s GARAGE will result in the MOST AWESOME CHRISTMAS GIFTS EVER!! Plus, it’s helps Pooches and THAT’S COOL.

ALL-NEW Movie Car SKETCH reveals a GHOST…

Although not a well-remembered show for some, THE WRAITH was actually a GHOST STORY. Man comes back to life as a CAR… and KILLS! But, he was a good guy… and it was Charlie Sheen, so there’s that… And the Car was the 1981 DODGE MS4 Concept! MUGS, ART & STICKERS now in Fireball’s Shop!

Today’s Fireball SKETCH will disappear quick…

Today’s SKETCH is the 1967 MUSTANG GT500 from “Gone in 60 Seconds,” the original Movie Car built by Cinema Vehicle Services in North Hollywood and penned by Fireball and Clay Sculpt by Foose. Only a few were built for the film and AUCTIONED HIGH afterwards. Do you have a hankerin’ for a Stang? CHECK OUT what Fireball’s got IN THE STORE!

BONUS SKETCH!! Behold… the Wrench Nation Cadillac

This Art was done for the COVER of the Official WRENCH NATION Coloring Book (Available on B&N here) which featured this Trumpet-Caddy Duo. But what year is the Caddy??

Today’s Fireball SKETCH is the Evil, Secretive and Scary…

SPEED RACER GRX!!! Big thanks to the Speed Racer Facebook Clubs for suggesting this one. “The GRX had an extremely powerful and dangerous racing engine designed and built by automotive genius Ben Cranem. It could reach velocities so high that it negatively affects the driver’s sense of coordination.” And now, it’s now in the STORE! So cool!!

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