Fireball Garage gives the Perfect Gift of COOL CARS…

Got someone’s BIRTHDAY rollin’ up? Well, give them THE PERFECT GIFT of COOL CARS!! Or Bikes… Or Planes… or something UNIQUE!

The Fireball Tim Garage is full of HUNDREDS of hand-drawn SKETCHES from the Master of Movie Cars to match that perfect gift for someone you love. Dads, Moms, Uncles, Aunts, Mother-In-Laws… unless they are yelling at you right now, in which case we recommend a shovel…

Otherwise, peruse the Garage and solve the problem by finding that UNIQUE GIFT ITEM that comes from the HEART and SOUL of CAR CULTURE. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, REACH OUT for a Custom Piece!

Today’s BEST OF SHOW?? A sick MASSIVE Chrysler-Powered HOT ROD!!

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Schwinn Concept Art by Fireball Tim Movie Car Concept Art by Fireball Tim Fireball Tim and Malibu Mayor Paul Grisanti
The Perfect Gift of Cool Cars Baron Von Badass Concept Art by Fireball Tim

BONUS SKETCH! Mini Camo, Cadzilla & an awesome NOT CAR SHOW

Imagine that one day, speed will be enforced by floating surveillance drones that shoot EMPs to knock out your car. Bummer. And that only way to fight it off would be a squirvy lil’ MINI CAMO!!! Well you guessed it, ’cause it’s today’s BONUS SKETCH!! Zoiks!

Also, some new stuff with Billy Gibbons CADZILLA! Check out the Garage for an awesome Tee as you hum “SHE’S GOT LEGS!”

Yes, Fireball’s job is tough, trying to find cool cars for ya’ll, and sometimes it sends him to exotic locations! (“I was a bit concerned about driving the Ferrari 430 through SF ’cause I heard the town was being taken over by Primates? But… only monkey I saw was in the mirror. APE STRONG!!”)

And finally, Fireball and Car Show Safari Tommy head to the Petersen… see NOTHING, and it’s hysterical. Watch today’s BEST OF SHOW!

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Bonus Sketch Mini Camo by Fireball Tim ZZTop Cadzilla Concept Art by Fireball Tim Fireball Tim with Ferrari 430 in San Francisco Adam 12 Fisker Concept Art by Fireball Tim

Friday burns out with a BJ AND THE BEAR Semi and ALL MUSCLE!

Nothing like wrappin’ up the week with SUPREME COOLNESS! And Friday bids you adieu with BJ AND THE BEAR Concept Art, Pontiac MUSCLE, a Fire Truck Rescue TO DIE FOR and a Hellish ’32 ROADSTER BEST OF SHOW! WATCH THE EPISODE HERE!

I hope you guys have an amazing weekend and wish you all the best as you SEARCH COOL CARS! I’ll be spending it CLOSING OUT OUR MUSEUM with a massive Garage Sale (starts at 10am), completing some SKETCHES for SEMA and Sunday’s ART SHOW at Malibu City Hall! Stay toooooned for some awesome COVERAGE!!

BJ and the Bear Concept Art by Fireball Tim Pontiac Concept Art by Fireball Tim Fire Truck Muscle Truck Diecast Demons Concept Art by Fireball Tim

Fireball’s DARK DRAGON expands for SOLDIER CON and SEMA

Fireball is now scheduled for RECON at Disneyland, SOLDIER CON in El Paso, TX and SEMA in Las Vegas from September through November ’24. And the corral of CARS will be heavy as the design-docket just expanded to include a Dragon-Themed TOYOTA GR86, TOYOTA TACOMA and FORD BRONCO. Sketches coming here to the Blog first, starting next week!

For now, check out this all-new DARK DRAGON MUSTANG “Heiress” CANVAS PRINT and Official Soldier Con Tumblers in the Garage! GET ‘EM NOW! Yes, all of these cars will be masterfully built by Carlos Molina of PROJEKT CARS in Texas to pepper SEMA above and beyond the Performance Hall. But there’s still more brewing… and the line-up could expand!!


El Paso’s premiere military service supporting COMIC CONVENTION that combines COMICS, CARS, COSPLAY, and CRYPTO. PROJEKT CARS is a marketing company (established in 1994) which helps other companies provide exposure for their brands. Our diversity in PROJECT VEHICLES range from BMWs to Jeep to Toyota and we promote them throughout the Southwest from California to Georgia and Colorado. Our yearly schedule compromises over 30 shows, including SEMA. We have built over 200 booth vehicles for SEMA and share many of the experiences through the videos on our Youtube channel.

Also, a lil’ Concept Art somethin’ from ESCAPED FROM LA for those that still love Snake Plissken. 😉 And check out today’s EPISODE!

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Dark Dragon Mustang Concept Art by Fireball Tim Garage Soldier Con Tumblers in the Fireball Tim Garage Concept Art by Fireball Tim  Fireball Tim in Malibu Green Hornet Concept Art Canvas in the Fireball Tim GarageEscape from LA Concept Art by Fireball Tim

Badass BEATNIK BANDIT, Hells Dept and Ponch enter the Garage

As you know, I’m a BIG DIECAST GUY and my Collection in the 805 is epic. My goal has always been to SKETCH the entire line of Sweet Sixteens and I’m still workin’ on it. But today, it’s all about the BEATNIK BANDIT.

The original Beatnik Bandit was a custom car created in 1961 by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. The car features a clear bubble canopy, speed and directionally controlled by a central joystick that ended up in multiple SPECTRAFLAME Colors by Hot Wheels in ’69! Which one do YOU have? Check out all the BB SketchSwag in the Garage as well as ALL THE HOT WHEELS here so far!

Today’s B&W SKETCH is HELLS DEPT which was an original for the DIECAST DEMONS Coloring Book with Diecast Heroes!

And finally, I’ve hung out with PONCH (Erik Estrada) many times and something CHIPS is brewin…’ Stay tooned here to the Fireball Tim Garage.

Today’s BEST OF SHOW is a 500hp Corvette-Powered NASH METROPOLITAN! As CRAZY as they come!! WATCH and SUBSCRIBE to Fireball’s Youtube Channel for 2 New Episodes DAILY!

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Beatnik Bandit Concept Art by Fireball Tim Garage Hells Dept Concept Art by Fireball Tim Garage Erik Estrada and Fireball Tim Beatnik Bandit Concept Art by Fireball Tim

JETSONS, UFOs, LENO & PIZZA slip into the Fireball Garage…

Some people have a hard time letting go and just having a good time, but Fireball’s committed to bringing the ABSOLUTE BEST of CAR CULTURE, UFOs and Concept Art to your doorstep through amazing and fun AUTOMOTIVE POP CULTURE. And today… it gets a bit Spacey.

First up is an ALL NEW CANVAS PRINT of THE JETSONS! America’s favorite Cartoon Family (Maybe the Flintstones, too?) and their cool ride, the FAMILY SHIP! Check out the new stuff in the Garage! PLUS, Fireball busts out an oddball HEINKEL KABINE that ended up on the cover of his Official Dennis Gage ORPHANS AND ODDBALLS Coloring Book.

Today’s B&W SKETCH is “IMPALA ABDUCTION!” Yes, Aliens love Wagons and Lowriders. Should Fireball do a COLOR VERSION?? And finally, BIG DOG JAY loves to color too! Although the SPIKE BOOK is now out of print, check out what’s new at Barnes & Noble!

LASTLY, watch today’s BEST OF SHOW! It’s PIZZA MAN DAN!!!

ART TALK LIVE is this morning at 8am on FacebookLIVE. Join us as Fireball enters the 805… SEMA, SOLDIER CON & RECON all confirmed LIVE!!

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Jetsons Family UFO Spaceship Concept Art by Fireball Tim Chevy Impala Wagon Concept Art by Fireball Tim Henkel kabine Concept Art by Fireball Tim Jay Leno in the Fireball Tim Garage

Fireball launches more JURASSIC Ford Explorer Concept Art

In the summer of 1992, the world was captivated by the groundbreaking film JURASSIC PARK, where prehistoric creatures roamed a high-tech island sanctuary. A notable feature of the movie was the iconic Ford Explorer vehicles, specially modified for the film to navigate the perilous terrain of Isla Nublar. And today, Fireball’s got MUGS, TEES and NEW CANVAS VARIATIONS in the Garage!

The journey of these vehicles began at the Ford Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan. Here, skilled engineers and technicians undertook the task of transforming ordinary Ford Explorers into the rugged tour vehicles that would ferry visitors through the fictional Jurassic Park. The modifications were extensive, incorporating a distinctive green and yellow paint scheme, custom roof racks, and specially designed tail lights. Inside, the Explorers were outfitted with bespoke interiors, including state-of-the-art dashboard displays that simulated the tour experience for the film’s characters.

The cost of creating these modified vehicles was significant, reflecting the meticulous detail required to bring Michael Crichton’s vision to life on screen. Each Explorer underwent meticulous craftsmanship and testing to ensure they not only looked the part but could withstand the demands of filming in a tropical environment.

Speaking of filming, the lush landscapes of “Jurassic Park” were not confined to a single location. While the fictional Isla Nublar was brought to life primarily through extensive sets and groundbreaking CGI, key scenes involving the Ford Explorers were filmed on the breathtaking island of Kauai, Hawaii. The rugged terrain and verdant jungles provided the perfect backdrop, enhancing the sense of adventure and danger as the vehicles navigated the island’s treacherous paths.

From assembly line to silver screen, the journey of the Jurassic Park Ford Explorers exemplifies the fusion of automotive engineering and cinematic magic. These vehicles not only became an integral part of the film’s visual identity but also left an indelible mark on popular culture. Decades later, they continue to evoke nostalgia and wonder, reminding us of the enduring allure of Jurassic Park and the craftsmanship that brought its world to life. And the Saga continues…

Jurassic Park Ford Explorer Concept Art by Fireball Tim

BONUS SKETCH!! Gasser, New Car Show & Comicon Interview!

If you didn’t watch this morning’s ART TALK LIVE with Fireball, he announced his NEW CAR SHOW which starts September 1st at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum! WHEELS AND WAVES IS BACK, BABY!! And to celebrate… how about a PLYMOUTH GASSER SKETCH!! Plus, Fireball meets up with Actor JOE MANTENGA to talk cars in secret… so, shhhh…

Also, “Fireball joins BRENDAN ALLEN of COMICON in the virtual panel room for a wide-ranging chat about his life and career. He also discusses training with Chuck Norris, designing the Batman ’89 Batmobile, and more. Fireball explains the importance of consistent design language in film, comics, and brand identity. (Need help with that? Reach out to him…) They also discuss SoldierCon, SEMA, and an upcoming collaboration with Projekt Cars’ Carlos Molina, the Dark Dragon.”

Plymouth Gasser Sketch by Fireball Tim New Car Show Fireball and Actor Joe Mantenga 1967 Plymouth Police Car Concept Art by Fireball Tim

The History of George Barris’ BLOODY MUNSTERS DRAGULA…

In the pantheon of iconic TV vehicles, few are as instantly recognizable and beloved as the Munster Koach and its sinister sibling, the DRAGULA. Designed for the classic 1960s television show “The Munsters,” Dragula was a ghoulishly inspired creation that perfectly complemented the eerie yet endearing family of monsters. And we’ve got all new stuff IN THE GARAGE!

Designed by legendary builder and friend George Barris, Dragula was envisioned as a hot rod for the afterlife. Its design drew heavily from the coffin shape, featuring a fiberglass body molded to resemble a classic coffin, complete with ornate trimmings and a gothic aesthetic that oozed macabre charm. The car’s front end was adorned with a striking spider-web grille, while the rear featured a decorative lantern and a pair of menacing zoomie pipes that jutted out like demonic horns.

Constructed in a remarkably short span of only three weeks, Dragula was completed just in time for its debut in “The Munsters” episode titled “Hot Rod Herman,” which aired in 1965. The year I was BORN. The rapid build was matched by a modest budget, reportedly costing around $18,000 at the time—a testament to Uncle George’s ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Despite its brief build time and relatively low cost, Dragula became an instant hit with audiences. Its appearances on “The Munsters” were limited but memorable, making a lasting impression with fans who appreciated its quirky yet sinister design. Dragula’s unique blend of horror and hot rod culture encapsulated the show’s playful approach to parodying classic horror tropes while adding a touch of humor and style.

Throughout its on-screen career, Dragula made occasional appearances in subsequent episodes and later adaptations of “The Munsters,” solidifying its status as an enduring symbol of the show’s legacy. Its influence extended beyond television, inspiring countless replicas and tributes in the car customizing community and becoming a sought-after collectible for enthusiasts of both classic cars and pop culture.

Today, Dragula remains a cherished artifact of television history—a testament to the creativity and imagination that brought “The Munsters” and its quirky cast of characters to life. Its legacy continues to thrill and delight fans, ensuring that its place in the annals of iconic TV vehicles remains secure for generations to come.

**WATCH Fireball’s episode of the “George Barris Memorial RALLY” below!

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Fireball SKETCHES FLINTSTONES awesome Bedrock Roadster…

THE FLINTSTONES, a beloved animated series that aired from 1960 to 1966, marked a significant milestone in television history. Set in the fictional town of Bedrock during the prehistoric era, the show cleverly blended Stone Age themes with modern-day issues, resonating with audiences of all ages and becoming an instant hit. And today, it’s a FIREBALL SKETCH!! (Check out all the cars built for the film at Cinema Vehicles!)

Central to The Flintstones’ appeal were its distinctive elements like the iconic CARS that mirrored contemporary automobiles but were powered by foot pedals. The Flintmobile, Fred Flintstone’s stone-age vehicle, became a cultural icon, symbolizing the show’s unique blend of primitive and modern sensibilities. This whimsical approach extended beyond transportation, influencing a wave of cartoons that dared to explore diverse and unconventional settings.

What set The Flintstones apart was its humor, which was often gentle yet sophisticated. The show’s creators, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, infused the series with satire and wit, cleverly parodying everyday modern life through a prehistoric lens. This approach not only entertained but also challenged the norms of animated storytelling at the time.

At the heart of the show was the dynamic between Fred Flintstone and his pet dinosaur, Dino. Their playful interactions highlighted the show’s emphasis on family and friendship, often showcasing a humorous yet tender side to Fred’s larger-than-life persona. This innocent playfulness resonated deeply with viewers, making the characters endearing and relatable.

The Flintstones also paved the way for a wave of cartoons that explored unconventional settings. Shows like The Jetsons (set in a futuristic world), Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! (a mystery-solving gang), and The Smurfs (a community of tiny blue creatures) followed suit, each introducing viewers to new and imaginative realms.

The enduring legacy of The Flintstones lies not only in its pioneering animation techniques and memorable characters but also in its ability to transcend its prehistoric setting to deliver timeless humor and heartfelt moments. It demonstrated that animated series could tackle diverse themes and settings, paving the way for the rich variety of cartoons that followed.

The Flintstones’ success can be attributed to its blend of Stone Age charm, modern satire, and heartwarming relationships. Its influence on subsequent cartoons is undeniable, inspiring creators to explore imaginative worlds and unconventional settings, all while entertaining generations with its humor and endearing characters.

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The Flintstones Bedrock Roadster Concept Art by Fireball Tim Flintstones Tee Shirt by Fireball Tim Garage