In the late 1960s, Mattel revolutionized the diecast car industry with the introduction of Hot Wheels Redlines and this CUSTOM ELDORADO. Among the most iconic designs was the “Sweet Sixteen,” a collection of sixteen cars released in 1968 in SPECTRAFLAME Colors. These cars… with their vibrant colors, sleek designs, and signature red-line wheels, captured the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

One standout from this collection for me was the CUSTOM ELDORADO. Modeled after the classic Cadillac Eldorado, this car epitomized the fusion of cutting-edge design with classic automotive aesthetics. Its low-slung body, elongated hood, and intricate detailing paid homage to the luxury and style of its real-life counterpart, connecting with car culture then and now. It was big, bold and beautiful.

Today, we celebrate BIG with Fireball’s 12×12 CUSTOM CAR ART of the Eldo as he builds his line of Sweet Sixteen SKETCHES! Check out what’s in the Garage and make a SUGGESTION for the next one!

But the Custom Eldorado wasn’t just a toy; it was a miniature masterpiece that embodied the spirit of American automotive innovation. Its popularity among collectors endures to this day, serving as a testament to the timeless appeal of Hot Wheels Redlines and their ability to evoke nostalgia for an era of automotive excellence.

As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, the CUSTOM ELDORADO remains a symbol of craftsmanship and creativity, reminding us of the enduring allure of classic cars and the role they play in shaping our cultural identity.

DID YOU KNOW?? Known as America’s “Personal Luxury Car,” this 1968 Cadillac Eldorado Fleetwood coupe was designed by Bill Mitchell and is an example of the 24,528 produced for the 1968 model year.


Fireball SKETCHES World’s Most Expensive Hot Wheels…

It’s no joke that the Hot Wheels Redline PINK BEACH BOMB is cool… but worth a Million bucks? Absolutely! And it’s rarer than Pink Diamonds! But now you can get this HOT BUS on a MUG, CANVAS PRINT, FLOOR MAT or PILLOW for a lot less! Plus, help Dog Rescues!

Check out all of Fireball’s HOT WHEELS Sketches here and if you don’t see what you NEEEEED, then reach out!

Today’s EPISODE below is the super rare 1992 TOYOTA CENTURY!!

Epic Hot Wheels CUSTOM FLEETSIDE slides into the GARAGE!

Now, I’ve done a number of HOT WHEELS REDLINES at this point and was looking forward to this one. 1969 CUSTOM FLEETSIDE in Spectraflame Yellow! Came out pretty sick and looks amazing on our new MUGS, RUGS and Heavy Duty FLOOR MATS. The Floor Mats are cool for Man Caves or around the house too! 10% goes to DOG RESCUES!!


Today’s Fireball SKETCH explodes in Spectraflame ORANGE!

Fireball is rollin’ through the SWEET SIXTEEN HOT WHEELS and today, it’s the CUSTOM ELDORADO in Spectraflame Orange! Snag this baby in THE GARAGE and see what other Hot Wheels are out!

Today’s Fireball SKETCH is a Diecast Redline MUSCLE CAR…

Who doesn’t love a HOT WHEELS CUSTOM COUGAR in Spectraflame Green? In fact, this car came out in a bunch of Spectraflame Colors and depending on who you talk to, slight variations of each! But regardless of the color… this car is CLASSIC COOL and now available in Fireball’s Garage!

Today’s FIREBALL SKETCH outta your HOT WHEELS Collection!

Today’s FIREBALL SKETCH is the HOT HEAP Sweet Sixteen REDLINE right outta your Hot Wheels Collection! And like Fireball, no Garage is complete without some Diecast, it’s important to be able to SLAM SOME JAVA in a Cool Mug! So… grab this HOT HEAP or check out some of the other DIECAST MUGS in the Garage and “Git ‘ta Slurpin!’

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