SUNDAY Malibu City Gallery is SHIFTING TIDES Art Exhibit

This Sunday at noon at the Malibu City Gallery here in Malibu is a new ART EXHIBIT! FOOD, ART, MUSIC and more. Join us for a couple hours of fun! It’s FREE!

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NEWS!! Fireball elected Chairman of MALIBU ARTS COMMISSION

(Wednesday, June 2th 2023) Yesterday, a meeting was held in the City of Malibu, electing Fireball as Chairman of MALIBU ARTS COMMISSION. The Commission centralizes on enhancing the Experience of Art in the City of Malibu with projects ranging from the MALIBU CITY GALLERY currently featuring the works of Jane Seymour, Solstice Canyon Bridge Mural, Sculpture and Poetry within City Parks and the upcoming massive ART CENTER.

Fireball now leads the team into these projects including Vice Chairman Julia Holland and Commissioners Lotte Cherin, Peter Jones and Barry Haldeman. Be sure to visit the Gallery with Jane’s work and it’s ending Friday. Coming this Winter, a new show with DICK VAN DYKE. Stay tuned here for more upcoming events.

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Thank God, because I was starting to turn into the SNICKERS MONSTER.

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Awesome HYPERCARS pull into DREAMLAND Malibu… get tons of tickets

Not sure what the ratio is, but about 50 HYPERCARS and SUPERCARS pulled into Dreamland here in Malibu for a Cars and Coffee, and about 12 got tickets for unsafe speed, u-turns and dooshbaggery.

Come to Malibu… take it easy and you’ll bring all your MONEY home. Just a tip.


After many years, the groundbreaking for the AGOURA WILDLIFE BRIDGE has begun. We missed the event by just a half hour, but it’s happening!

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CELLESTE LIVE Wednesday Night at Cafe Habana Malibu!!

Want to see CELLESTE Live and in Full Power-Mode? Join Team Fireball as we Vlog her Live on stage at Cafe Habana Malibu this Wednesday Night. Musical Nuke goes off around 10pm, so get there early.


AWESOME HUGE MONTE NIDO MALIBU HOUSE FOR A CRAZY PRICE!! – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 819 – Fireball and Paul Grisanti continue their Malibu Home tirade of coolness by visiting a $1.4M super deal in Monte Nido.

MALIBU Best shots of the Week…

The BEST IN MALIBU this week…

We’ve done a lot this week here in town and the rain have caused much beauty in the BEACHLIFE community. This weekend is Wheels and Waves at The Malibu Country Mart so we should have a blast. Hope to see you guys there!

Some neat history of Malibu from Wiki…

Malibu was originally settled by the Chumash, Native Americans whose territory extended loosely from the San Joaquin Valley to San Luis Obispo to Malibu, as well as several islands off the southern coast of California. They named it “Humaliwo”[16] or “the surf sounds loudly”. The city’s name derives from this, as the “Hu” syllable is not stressed.

Explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo is believed to have moored at Malibu Lagoon, at the mouth of Malibu Creek, to obtain fresh water in 1542. The Spanish presence returned with the California mission system, and the area was part of Rancho Topanga Malibu Sequit—a 13,000-acre (53 km2) land grant—in 1802. That ranch passed intact to Frederick Hastings Rindge in 1891. He and his widow, May K. Rindge, guarded their privacy zealously by hiring guards to evict all trespassers and fighting a lengthy court battle to prevent the building of a Southern Pacific railroad line through the ranch. Interstate Commerce Commission regulations would not support a railroad condemning property in order to build tracks that paralleled an existing line, so Frederick H. Rindge decided to build his own railroad through his property first. He died, and May K. Rindge followed through with the plans, building a line starting just inside the ranch’s property eastern boundary at Las Flores Canyon, and running 15 miles westward, past Pt. Dume.[17][18][19][20]

Few roads even entered the area before 1929, when the state won another court case and built what is now known as the Pacific Coast Highway. By then May Rindge was forced to subdivide her property and begin selling and leasing lots. The Rindge house, known as the Adamson House[21] (a National Register of Historic Places site and California Historical Landmark), is now part of Malibu Creek State Park and is situated between Malibu Lagoon State Beach[22] and Surfrider Beach, beside the Malibu Pier[23] that was used to provide transportation to/from the ranch, including construction materials for the Rindge railroad, and to tie up the family’s yacht.[20][24]

In 1926, in an effort to avoid selling land to stave off insolvency, May K. Rindge created a small ceramic tile factory. At its height, Malibu Potteries employed over 100 workers, and produced decorative tiles which furnish many Los Angeles-area public buildings and Beverly Hills residences. The factory, located one-half mile east of the pier, was ravaged by a fire in 1931.[25] Although the factory partially reopened in 1932, it could not recover from the effects of the Great Depression and a steep downturn in Southern California construction projects. A distinct hybrid of Moorish and Arts and crafts designs, Malibu tile is considered highly collectible. Fine examples of the tiles may be seen at the Adamson House and Serra Retreat, a fifty-room mansion that was started in the 1920s as the main Rindge home on a hill overlooking the lagoon. The unfinished building was sold to the Franciscan Order in 1942[26] and is operated as a retreat facility,[27] Serra Retreat. It burned in the 1970 fire and was rebuilt using many of the original tiles.

Most of the Big Rock Drive area was purchased in 1936 by William Randolph Hearst, who considered building an estate on the property. He sold the lower half of his holdings there in 1944 to Art Jones. Jones was one of the prominent early realtors in Malibu, starting with the initial leases of Rindge land in Malibu Colony. He was also the owner/part-owner of the Malibu Inn, Malibu Trading Post and the Big Rock Beach Cafe (which is now Moonshadows restaurant). Philiip McAnany owned 80 acres (32 ha) in the upper Big Rock area, which he had purchased in 1919, and had two cabins there, one of which burned in a brush fire that swept through the area in 1959, and the other in the 1993 Malibu fire. McAnany Way is named after him.

I’ve started a new VLOG… and here it is. FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG: 1


Some of you asked for it, and here it is. The Official Launch of the FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG. Not sure I can pull it off daily, but along with 5MINUTE DRIVE & CAR STORIES, here’s a Day-In-The-Life smack dab in the middle of the Bu. Hope you enjoy it and PLEASE SHARE if you do! Thx!!