Today’s Fireball SKETCH comes ONLY IN EVIL ORANGE…

There are hundreds of MOVIE CARS to choose from now in the Garage, but many requests have come in for Fireball to do Art of the ADAM’S PROBE 16 from “A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.” This is Version 2 and it was called the DURANGO 95 in the film… a name coined by Director Stanley Kubrick. Watch Fireball’s BEST OF SHOW below and check it out along with the rest of the ACO Coolness here.!!

DID YOU KNOW?? Only three PROBE 16’s were ever produced. The first – AB/2, license plate MJO 145H – was sold to American songwriter Jimmy Webb. The second – AB/3, license plate PWV 222H – was sold to Cream bassist Jack Bruce, who then gave it to co-band member of Corky Laing as a birthday gift. The third – AB/4, license plate JFB 220H – was owned originally by Robin Gibbons of England. All three cars are still in existence today with different owners…

This is why Stallone’s COBRA was lost for 19 years…

There’s a lot of STORIES about this car… but this is what actually happened as far as I can recall. There was a lot going on at that time.

Approximately 2005, I was working with a shop in Burbank designing and building MOVIE CARS. I did Gone in 60, Austin Powers and many more with them. We were working on multiple projects at the time, but I came up with the idea to take some of these cars to AUTO SHOWS to help promote the business. I wasn’t working for them, but actually contracted them to build a truck for AUTOTRADER and part of the Street Tuner Challenge MINI.

The owner of the shop said to take any car I wanted to the show. ANY… CAR. The 2005 LA AUTO SHOW. So… I walked the shop for a while with percolating ideas as to what I’d take. It was a big place (100,000sqft) and lots of cars. But I came across a car that was up on a RACK… and covered. I asked the foreman… “What’s that?” And his reply STUNNED ME.

“That, my friend… is THE COBRA.”

Now, I had heard that after they finished filming COBRA with Sylvester Stallone, he purchased the remaining car… but once principal photography was done, the car quietly disappeared. Never to be seen again from 1986.

But there it was. Hidden away in the shop, sleeping. So, I said to him… “I want it.” His reply? “Well, SO AND SO did say that you could take ANY car, right?”

A few days later, I was at the AUTO SHOW with a display of 5 cars including my STC MINI, the MINI M600 DRAG CAR, Eleanor, a GemCar… AND THE COBRA. The display looked awesome.

It was the first day in Kentia Hall (early) when the Celebs walked through before the crowds. Ahnuld walked by and several others until… as I was wiping the cars down, I turned to see Sly standing behind me. He had a look of utter SHOCK on his face as he stared at the COBRA.

“That’s my car,” he muttered. I replied amusingly, “What yes it is!” His response?? “No, that car BELONGS TO ME.”

We spoke for about 10 minutes and I explained what I knew… only to find out the truth that he indeed had the Pink. So, I called the owner of the shop and you can imagine his head exploding.

He got on the phone with Sly and withing a few minutes, a DEAL WAS DONE. After 12 days of the show, Sly came back personally and drove his COBRA home. Super cool guy and very generous. Only… he lived in Malibu at the time right in front of me. He, he… And that’s where the car stayed… until he MOVED again.

That’s it. Pretty incredible, huh? I’m grateful that I had it at the show and saw many people taking photos of it with their kids. Super cool. But Snakes belong with their owners and I’m glad it went with him. Oh… and I will be SKETCHING that car soon FOR THE GARAGE.

Vacation FAMILY TRUCKSTER leaps into the Fireball Garage!

SOOOO many of you have requested this car over the last year, I finally got to it! As I’ve done nearly 400 CARS at this point and do one EVERY DAY, the Vacation FAMILY TRUCKSTER is finally in the Garage and ready for the Holidays! Check out what’s IN THE STORE and grab the perfect MOVIE CAR gift from your favorite film!

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DID YOU KNOW?? The last scene at Wally World was actually filmed at Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Awesome ALIEN U.F.O. Coupe invades the Fireball Garage

Well, technically, this isn’t a UFO, but it might as well be! If you were a fan of the 60’s TV Show U.F.O., then you’d know that this was Ed Straker’s Car. And if you’ve never seen it… then it’s a MUST. Watch it on Tubi for FREE!

The 60’s was the onslaught of ALIEN INVASION Series and carried through the 80’s. But U.F.O. took it to the extreme with a super cool 60’s Future Vibe… and Purple Hair! Today’s Fireball SKETCH rocks the Bronze Coolness and there will be more Ships coming from this show… ’cause Fireball’s Pen is ON FIRE!!

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VOTE your favorite Fireball SKETCH for the WEEK!!

Today we start a new Saturday Feature with VOTE YOUR FAVS! As you know, Fireball does a super cool MOVIE CAR SKETCH every day and now you can vote your favorite! Winning Sketch will get a CUSTOM ITEM IN THE GARAGE!

In addition, LEAVE A COMMENT below of what car you think he should do next and if he picks it, YOU COULD GET A FREE MUG! (Keep in mind, he’s done several hundred already so check ’em out on PINTEREST!)

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DAMNATION ALLEY LANDMASTER rolls into the Fireball Garage!!

Today’s Fireball SKETCH hearkens back to the classic movie DAMNATION ALLEY and the original wasteland warrior LANDMASTER! Remember this beast, sitting on the side of the LA 10 freeway in Dean Jeffries shop.  Although the movie featured 2 Landmasters, only one was built for $350K and last seen at Gene Winfield’s shop in the Mojave. WHERE IS IT NOW??

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Today’s Fireball SKETCH expands the BLADE RUNNER UNIVERSE…

DID YOU KNOW? Blade Runner and ALIENS are in the SAME UNIVERSE? Yup.

Ridley Scott’s film franchise will eventually meet up somewhere in the future and Fireball’s take on the BR franchise exposes us today to a NEW SPINNER. This is a Vintage 1972 TOYOTA POLICE SPINNER that although has not appeared in the films yet, SHOULD! But if you’re a BR Fan as we are, Fireball plans on doing more Cars for the MUGS soon!

Wait until you see what’s coming later THIS WEEK! But check out all of Fireball’s Hollywood COP CARS here and grab the 2024 MOVIE CAR CALENDAR!!

Today’s Fireball SKETCH when BATMAN is not enough…

Today’s Fireball SKETCH is inspired by Larry Wood’s original Hot Wheels BONESHAKR,’ but with a bit of Caped Crusader! The BATSHAKER!!! Fireball’s take on a Batmobile for when Batman is not enough. The BATSHAKER is driven by the Vintage BLACK BARONESS and takes no prisoners!

Check out the all of Fireball awesome BATMOBILE Collection here including MUGS, SHORTS, ART & ORNAMENTS!! 10% goes to Dog Rescues!

Today’s Fireball SKETCH contemplates a new COP FUTURE…

If they made an all-new ADAM-12 SERIES, how about it takes place in the future with laser-beams attached to their heads… I mean GUNS! Today’s SKETCH sees a future of electricity where the bad guys… are ALSO electric! Zzzapp!!

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Today’s awesome Fireball SKETCH always GETS AWAY…

Starting off with BLACK FRIDAY, today’s Fireball SKETCH is the one that ALWAYS gets away. The BANDIT TRANS AM from SMOKEY & THE BANDIT was a stable for movie goers in the 70’s with ACTION, ACTION and MORE ACTION! And Fireball has whip-sketched this amazing car so you guys can have it for Christmas!

DID YOU KNOW… Jackie Gleason said that his cafe’ scene with Burt Reynolds was not in the original story; it was Gleason’s idea! CHECK OUT THE LINEUP in the Garage Store on Shopify or Ebay!