Today’s Fireball SKETCH is… THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO!!!

If you’re old enough to know about the TV Show THUNDERBIRDS, then you’ll know Lady Penelope and her FAB 1! And… wouldn’t it be cool for there to be a LADY PENELOPE Film? Well, there was one… but it didn’t do all that well. As Fireball always says… “The Movie may suck, but the CARS are always cool!”

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Well, not sure if it’s the FASTEST, but Fireball’s SONY SOUNDROVER that was built for the TV Show “Street Tuner Challenge” certainly had power to weight nailed. Not to mention, a side-mounted GATLIN GUN, Gyro Stabilizer, Anti-Roll Cage designed by Northrop Grumman Masters and a SONY BLASTASTIC SYSTEM. You can’t even hear the motor over the MUSIC as this thing SCREAMED past!

Today’s Fireball SKETCH reveals a Wild Red Horse…

MUSTANGS are iconic, we know. But when a car shows up in a film as this 1971 MUSTANG MACH 1 FASTBACK did in James Bond’s DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, it hits the stratosphere. Check out this STANG and all the rest in Fireball’s Garage to start your MUG CHRISTMAS GIFT COLLECTION!

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Today’s amazing Fireball SKETCH blows out the BODY COUNT!

The JOHN WICK Universe gets stronger and stronger with each film and like Keanu Reeves doing all his own stunts, there’s no stopping it! So Fireball got busy bustin’ out this 1971 PLYMOUTH BARRACUDA Sketch from the recent JOHN WICK 4 film! It’s now available on MUGS, CANVAS and MORE in the Garage Store!

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Today’s Fireball MOVIE CAR SKETCH is bustin’ the Half-Shell!

You’ve been SCREAMIN’ for it for months, and Fireball has finally master-sketched the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE VAN! Came out awesome and it’s now available in a variety of MUGS, CANVAS PRINTS and MORE in the GARAGE STORE! (Hey, I made a rhyme!) And 10% always goes to Dog Rescues!

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Today’s Fireball SKETCH is a HydroDynamic Dream Car…

Most James Bond Cars are super cool, but the ones that reach the Bondisphere are the ones that do something EXTREME. The 007 James Bond LOTUS SUBMARINE is one of those cars, so Fireball sketched up this amazing MUGSHOT!! BUT DID YOU KNOW… The car, which is now valued at over $25 million, mysteriously vanished from a reportedly secure hangar at a Boca Raton, Florida airport in 1997. Found 25 years later!

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NAME THAT MOVIE CAR! It’ll be runnin’ to get ya!

Sure, you’re SMART as a CUCUMBER and you think you know ALL when it comes to Movie Cars! MUHAHAHAHA!! Well, I have news for ya smartypants… Cucumbers don’t have BRAINS, YO!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

So… what movie is THIS car from?? Guess right and you’ll win a 4-Night Stay on the Tropical Desert Jungle Island of CHAHOOGAFATS!


Name that awesome MOVIE CAR… uh, MOVIE BIKE!

Consider yourself an expert on MOVIE CARS? Then name this BIKE that Fireball did for this violent, action packed film. Or at least name the film!

Today’s Fireball SKETCH is the MOST ICONIC of all time

From “DR. NO” to the latest James Bond film “NO TIME TO DIE,” this is the largest franchise in Movie History. And for a character like James Bond, his car needs to reflect that classic suave nature. Thus, the 1963 ASTON MARTIN DB5.

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Have you seen INDIANA JONES & THE DIAL OF DESTINY? Some may not have liked the film overall, but it’s pure Indy Jones and the TUKTUK Chase was awesome! Now it’s been mugged AND CHECK OUT FIREBALL’S CANVAS ART TOO! Over 300 MUGS to choose from!

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