MUSCLES & MOJO Cars & Coffee is this Sunday at the Murphy…

The MURPHY AUTO MUSEUM may be closing in July, but Fireball’s MUSCLES & MOJO Cars & Coffee IS ON! Come visit the Museum before it shuts down and see 40+ cool classic cars inside and a host of Classics and Customs in the parking lot! MUSIC, DONUTS, DOGS & DIECAST!!

Fireball has been President and Design Director of the Museum for quite a few years, he and Executive Director David Neel creating a cool ambiance of CARS with an amazing TIKI LOUNGE, SLOT CAR TRACK, HO SCALE TRAIN and other fun items. As we wind down an era, it opens up MORE POSSIBILITIES. And as you know Fireball, something fresh is already right around the corner!

Check this article in the VCSTAR that just came out today, and come meet Fireball from 8-10am THIS SUNDAY!

This Sunday AT THE MUSEUM for MARCH 17TH St. Paddy’s Day!!

After a 3 month hiatus due to rainy weather, MUSCLES AND MOJO at the MURPHY is back for ST. PADDY’S DAY this Sunday! Bring your ride and if it’s GREEN, you’ll get VIP Parking! MARCH 17TH!!

While you’re there, check out our amazing Collection of CARS, Scale Train Depot, Diecast Collection, Tiki Lounge, Atomic Store and our all new MASSIVE SLOT CAR TRACK!!! The Docents will show you how they roll! Music by BeatMaestro JIM, Donuts, Coffee, Dogs and COOLNESS!

Holiday MUSCLES & MOJO Cars & Coffee is THIS SUNDAY!!

Every month at THE MURPHY, Fireball puts on MUSCLES & MOJO. An awesome Cars & Coffee event. But for the Holidays, something really special has happened!! THIS SUNDAY, we’ll be launching our all-new LE MAN SLOT CAR TRACK and it’s MASSIVE!!

Built by David Beattie and his team at SLOT MODS in Detroit, this incredible track features 2-car racing and a landscape like no other. It’s over 20 feet wide and will be on PERMANENT display!! COME SEE IT, have coffee, chow donuts, pet dogs and collect diecast!! It all starts at 8am!

Murphy Museum hosts WONDERCON 2023 Model Car Expo…

Great time at our Museum with the success of WONDERCON 2023 Model Car Expo. Check out some of these amazing builds! So fun!