When it comes to CARS & ART… LOWRIDERS are BEST OF SHOW

This incredible CHEVY IMPALA LOWRIDER was spotted in the wild at MOONEYES. Some serious Metal Flake and attention to detail. These guys and girls know that CARS & ART ARE KING. WATCH…

THOMAS MAGNUM slides into the the Garage… gets SKETCHED!

Today’s SKETCH is a big one. A hugely popular TV Show launching in 1980 for 8 years straight… and spawned a less creative modern remake. Of course, it’s MAGNUM P.I….

And Magnum’s car of choice was the Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole. And now it’s IN THE GARAGE with all kindsa coolness! CHECK IT OUT, MAGNUM FANS!

DID YOU KNOW?? A single Ferrari wasn’t used for the duration of the show… but in all, three were used for the eight years the series ran. All with the licence plate “ROBIN 1”: Season 1: 1979 308 GTS. Seasons 2-6: 1981 308 GTSi. Seasons 7-8: 1984 308 GTSi quattrovalvole. “Rough job, Thomas…”



Following the 1966 BATMOBILE is today’s BEST OF SHOW…

Met up with buddy Barry and George Barris’ grandson Jared for a jaunt to BOB’S BIG BOY in Burbank… flanked by the #2 Original Batmobile. Stands out like a POW! BANG! SPLAT! WATCH!!

Fireball SKETCHES more sleek MOVIE CAR ART like CLOCKWORK…

Well this is true, but today… it’s the crazy orange sleek wedge that was called the Durango 95 from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE! The car was actually a M-505 Adams Brothers Probe 16. Fireball’s now got it on MUGS & PRINTS, …but if you want it on something FRESH, … REACH OUT!

DID YOU KNOW?? The M-505 Adams Brothers Probe 16 was designed by former Marcos cars designers Dennis and Peter Adams in 1969 as ‘an investigation into extremes of styling.’ It is powered by a mid-mounted tuned Austin 1800 engine and is 34 inches in height. It has 12″ wheels on the front and 15″ wheels on the back. It was awarded ‘Best Styling Exercise’ at the 1969 London Motor Show and only 3 were built. Only 2 exist now!


FERRARI SF90 Stradale caught in the WILD for BEST OF SHOW…

Crusin’ La Jolla revealed a lone thoroughbred, the 2022 FERRARI SF90 STRADALE in it’s glorious red coat. Fireball brings you in close to WATCH!

Where would you go with an awesome TIME MACHINE SKETCH?

One of our favorite film series here at Fireball is BACK TO THE FUTURE. Pretty sure that it’s your too… But if you COULD travel through time, WHERE WOULD YOU GO… and in WHAT KIND OF TIME MACHINE VEHICLE? LEAVE A COMMENT and then grab one of Fireball’s TIME TRAVEL MUGS for the Journey! It may take some time and you’ll need COFFEE!

*As always, 10% of Fireball goes to DOG RESCUES!

DID YOU KNOW?? So there are many things that the movie predicted which have not come to fruition – such as flying cars, self tying Nike’s or Marty’s, self-drying jacket. Manufacturers be warned you still have ten months to get cracking on this technological future.

Heavenly Modified 1971 DATSUN 240Z is today’s BEST OF SHOW

From Supercar Sunday, these DATSUNS rolled in to show HOW… IT’S… DONE. The best way to go to Heaven without actually dying. WATCH!

Awesome MOD SQUAD ’71 Challenger slides into the GARAGE…

Been wanting to get to this car for a while. My Dad actually wrote several episodes of THE MOD SQUAD and I loved the 1971 Dodge Challenger Convertible from the show. Bone stock, but serious coolness of the day. And now, of course! Who’s got one of these??

And if not… grab a MUG or PRINT from the Garage to go with your DIECAST!

DID YOU KNOW?? The famed Mod Squad car that was specially built as a 1971/2 Challenger for the famed TV show, the Mod Squad TV Show ran on ABC from September 24, 1968 until August 23, 1973. Only two 1972 E-body convertibles exist! The Mod Squad was a hit on TV and in real life…. The concept was devised by Ruskins, a real life cop who witnessed such programs in action ten years earlier. He always thought it’d make a great show. Aaron Spelling and Danny Thomas agreed to be producers.


An incredible car to cruise down PCH here in Malibu… The 1967 Dodge Charger Fastback doesn’t get much better. WATCH!

DID YOU KNOW?? The 1967 Dodge Charger changed little from the previous year, with grille modifications and chrome strips on top of the fenders ending in turn signals. The Charger was still a huge two-door fastback on a 117-inch wheelbase and was 75.3 inches wide, with a full-length console and four bucket seats. The Charger’s $3,128 price and distinctive fastback shape made it a popular choice. Lee Roy Yarbrough raced the Charger—averaging 163.9 mph—at the 100-mile qualifying finale for the 1967 Daytona Festival of Speed.


Today’s SKETCH has NO WHEELS, but floats out of one of the most popular TV Shows of the 60’s!

I do mostly CARS in the Garage, but being a Concept Artist for Film and TV allows me to do Creatures, Weapons, Worlds and something SHIPS! And this ship is the ocean explorer SEAVIEW from VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA. An idea that would go over very well in today’s market. And super fun to sketch! Check out the FUN STUFF IN THE GARAGE and grab yourself some salty love!

DID YOU KNOW?? State-of-the-art nuclear submarine The Seaview was on diving trials in the Arctic Ocean. It is designed by scientist Admiral Harriman Nelson (USN-Ret) and Captain Lee Crane is Seaview’s Commanding Officer. Voyage was broadcast on ABC from September 14, 1964, to March 31, 1968 and was the decade’s longest-running American science fiction television series with continuing characters. The 110 episodes produced included 32 shot in black-and-white (1964–1965), and 78 filmed in color (1965–1968). Worth watching now!