Today’s Fireball SKETCH will disappear quick…

Today’s SKETCH is the 1967 MUSTANG GT500 from “Gone in 60 Seconds,” the original Movie Car built by Cinema Vehicle Services in North Hollywood and penned by Fireball and Clay Sculpt by Foose. Only a few were built for the film and AUCTIONED HIGH afterwards. Do you have a hankerin’ for a Stang? CHECK OUT what Fireball’s got IN THE STORE!

Today’s Featured COLORING BOOK is Diecast MAYHEM!!!

Since our migration away for Amazon to BARNES & NOBLE, we’ve got nothing but great things coming! And today’s featured Coloring Book is the Official MIKE ZARNOCK Hot Wheels Coloring Book full of amazing Diecast Awesomeness! Grab one for your kids and “GIT TA COLORIN’ for the Holidays!”

Murphy Museum hosts WONDERCON 2023 Model Car Expo…

Great time at our Museum with the success of WONDERCON 2023 Model Car Expo. Check out some of these amazing builds! So fun!

BONUS SKETCH!! Behold… the Wrench Nation Cadillac

This Art was done for the COVER of the Official WRENCH NATION Coloring Book (Available on B&N here) which featured this Trumpet-Caddy Duo. But what year is the Caddy??

Fireball’s 2024 MOVIE CAR CALENDAR is here and it’s AWESOME

Twelve of your FAVORITE MOVIE CARS in this one! We only wish that there were 24 months in the Calendar so Fireball cold DO MORE! But this one is awesome and ON SALE NOW!! Don’t forget… 10% goes to DOG RESCUES!


Today’s Fireball SKETCH is the Evil, Secretive and Scary…

SPEED RACER GRX!!! Big thanks to the Speed Racer Facebook Clubs for suggesting this one. “The GRX had an extremely powerful and dangerous racing engine designed and built by automotive genius Ben Cranem. It could reach velocities so high that it negatively affects the driver’s sense of coordination.” And now, it’s now in the STORE! So cool!!

What should Fireball do NEXT?? Drop a SUGGESTION in the COMMENTS!

Today’s Fireball SKETCH is a Diecast Redline MUSCLE CAR…

Who doesn’t love a HOT WHEELS CUSTOM COUGAR in Spectraflame Green? In fact, this car came out in a bunch of Spectraflame Colors and depending on who you talk to, slight variations of each! But regardless of the color… this car is CLASSIC COOL and now available in Fireball’s Garage!

Clan VAN DYKE appears at Malibu City Gallery…

An amazing art show today at the Malibu City Gallery with the ART of WES VAN DYKE! Wes is such a talent with some incredible Oil Paintings only made better by a tremendous family turnout of support… lead by Grandfather Dick Van Dyke and Dad, Barry. BIG THANKS to those that came and had such a good time!!

Dick’s show is next in November!

Today’s Fireball SKETCH was his VERY FIRST FILM CAR…

Fireball has been designing for film for the last 40 years… but this car is what started it all. The 1989 BURTON BATMOBILE. Also known as the KEATON BATMOBILE. Check out all of Fireball’s BatGoods in the NEW STORE and pick you favorite CRIME-BASHING tool! 10% goes to DOG RESCUES!

Today’s AUTOMOTIVE COLORING BOOK straight outta Hollywood!

Today’s featured AUTOMOTIVE COLORING BOOK is for diehard MOVIE CAR FANS! Fireball’s HOLLYWOOD MOVIE CAR Coloring Book has 20 amazing CARS from FILM to Color, plus a Cool MAZE! Check it out on Barnes & Noble!