Don’t Say No, Always Say YES… from The Daily Driver Project

Don’t say no… always say YES.

Confused? Isn’t this the same thing? Well yes and no. You have to understand how these statements appear. First, “Don’t say no” has the word “No” in it. A negative word that affects your being.

Now the statement “Always say yes” has the word “Yes” in it… and is a positive word that has a positive influence on you and others.

If you have ever seen the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey, he gets convinced to say yes to everything. Now I’m not saying you have to say yes to everything, which is what (at the end of the movie) Jim Carrey’s character also finds out.

Saying Yes to things gives you opportunities you could miss. But saying yes doesn’t always mean the thing you say yes to will be successful, but many times it will lead you to the thing that is successful.

Keeping yourself open to new opportunities by saying yes can make drastic changes in your life.

If you are trying to break into a new field of work or just progress in what you are currently doing, then saying yes can be the magic key to unlock many new doors.

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