Holidays brings COOKIE MAKING to xtremes…

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Ok, so yesterday, Fireball Alexa (my li’ niece) brought her dad over for a Holiday Cookie Making Party. I thought, gee… this’ll be fun’ cause she’s never done it before. So, Kathie set out to make blank tasty treats and we brought some others to do it up right.

We grabbed Bob (Kathie’s Ex), Sean and Isla (our squirts who are now 25) and we all got together to lay the cookie smackdown. Can you smell what the Fireball is cookin?’

Well… Alexa, being like her Uncle Fireball was not settled into just making those silly little treats. She wanted in on the tree, too. And who am I to say no, right? Her all of 2.5 feet of tallness zipped those ornaments up like a freakin’ squirrel lookin’ for an Andy Gump! Pachow!!!! And then… it was acrobatic time. Then, attack the dogs with hundreds of pets time. Then, screamy-time. Then, off to the cookies. Yum.

Masterpieces. Works of Art. Strokes of Genius. Visions of Mind-Blowing Color Swathing Creativity! That’s just what the table looked like.

Our cookies… were scary, explosive, insane works of disaster. And they were delicious.

Do something creative and with your kids. Build a toothpick spaceship. A gingerbread car. A marshmallow castle. And then… eat it. It it all until you get sick. This will be the story they tell their kids. And it’ll be the best story ever…

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Ignite your INNER SPIRIT…

Ignite your Inner Spirit

You think you have issues? Imagine being this frog.

But, as the saying goes, “we are what we think we are.” So, igniting your inner spirit is about getting busy doin’ the thing.

Take my wife Kathie for example. Today, she decided we’re having a Cookie Making Party… tomorrow. So, she’s been a banshee all day prepping all sorts of things and sounding like a machine gun rat-a-tat chopping in the kitchen all day. But she’s committed… and knows that you gotta risk it to get the biscuit.

Go for it. Stop thinking about it and just GO FOR IT. Whatever it is. Swallow the light and see what happens. It’ll open your soul to new possibilities… and won’t THAT be fun. 😉

Hollywood Doodads: Motorcycle Stormtroopers, Superhero Cookies & Future Cities

Yes, a ‘lil o’ this and a lil’ o’ that. For the Bikers who want to root for the Empire,… For the Cookie fanatic who dreams of kicking be-hind and for the thinker that sees a bright future (Artist Andree Wallin). Doodads are what’s cool…

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