Sure, BARN FINDS ARE COOL… but look what I found IN THE ROCKS!

There we were, minding our own business in Utah when I suddenly tripped… Now, normally on a hike, when you trip, you fall and break something important. But oh, not me…

Well, actually I did break my Abdula OblangataMobilaPatootie. But as I landed on it from the 120 foot fall, stood up… tripped on my shoe lace and fell into a cactus. That hurt. But then what did I discover?

Yes. A Woodie in the Canyon!! This Woodie. A long lost coupe just waiting to be barn found. How did it get here? Who knows. Who cares. It’s mine.

Can I extract it? No. It’s there for good. So it’s now in our SURF WOODIES Coloring Book. And it’s being guarded by my lil’ Scorpion friend so don’t bother trying to find it. Time for breakfast!